Hey there people of the world I hope you guys are feeling more energetic than I am because I am bushed. There is something about having nothing to do that is making me incredibly tired. As it is I slept most of the day and then now I feel like I might collapse if I stay up a minute longer. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME.

There isn’t much I want to talk about today since as I said there wasn’t much happening today so I’m just going to do talk about something people have been telling me a lot about.

Ever since I’ve been getting closer and closer to finishing my exams people have been a barraging me with comments like “you’re going to miss school when it’s over”. When someone says this I want to say “I hope my life doesn’t become such a shade of hell that I miss the crap hole that I just crawled out of” but mostly I just smile and say sure that might happen.

Do you really think I would want to go back to high school. Granted the last year has been pretty good but all the rest have been the living embodiment of all my nightmares put together what would make me want to go back to that.  My brother has gone to college and he looks back on life and misses somethings but I think the only people who go around telling people how much they will miss high school are the people who are too old to remember how crap it really was or those who had no problems, and that person does not exist.

I refuse to believe there is one person who has gone through school without having a ton of issues. High school hurts us, breaks us, makes us feel like miserable pieces of crap but it is one hell of a learning experience. The after high school part is supposed to be the reward. After school life should be a party that never stops where everybody is happy and no one is left out…………right?

After all that prep talk about life getting better after high school people are now telling me I’m going to miss it, what is that supposed to tell me.

There are many ways that I could take this but on this instance I am opting to take a different approach  I am going to think that all those people who said this are people who feel an obligation to pop people bubbles. Yes, there are people like that. People who’s only purpose in life is to make people feel less happy. When they see someone too happy they are drawn to it like Dementors. I’m going to think this way because if life is just a continuous string of bad to worse than what is the point of it all. Life is too beautiful to be crappy constantly, what is coming can only be better and if it isn’t that just because it’s making way for some serious awesomeness to follow.

Another comment I got was “Now you’re in that in between stage where you are neither an adult nor a kid”. This annoys me. When was I ever part of a crowd. All I remember people telling me I was either too old or too young to be doing something and you know what I have to say to it. Screw That.

If I don’t fit in anyway I’ll do what I want. If I want to be a kid I will, if I want to be an adult what are you going to do to stop me. Don’t let people dictate where you belong. Be who you want to be and to hell with everyone else. Sometimes people stare and sometimes they will say things but it’s only because they are scared or even more likely, you are doing what they have always wanted to do and hate you because they don’t have the guts to do it.

So as a recap

Think positive and shine bright like a diamond (not literally).



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4 responses to “Deflated

  1. awesome. this is ffantastic. i found a video on youtube about bullying and it would be cool if people watched it create awareness around bullying and its affects

  2. I really love the Harry Potter reference. And I agree, “Life is too beautiful to be crappy constantly, what is coming can only be better and if it isn’t that just because it’s making way for some serious awesomeness to follow.” I agree 100%.

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