Hello people of the world. I am talking to you now as a free person. Yes you have guessed  correctly today was my very last exam and now I AM A FREE BIRD (until college starts in two months). Since today is “List Day”  I was going through ideas about something to commemorate this occasion and I came up with a few but I finally decided to make a list of my top four serene songs. By this I mean songs that make me feel serene so they are not necessarily serene sounding. So lets start

So there are a few weird things about this choice. One as I have previously stated I’m not a big believer in religion and second this song in particular has nothing to do with my beliefs, so why did I chose this. I chose it because it is one of the most serene songs I have ever heard and it never fails to make me feel at peace with the world. Aside from the chorus the whole song can be applied to any religion or any belief and even if you don’t have a belief just hearing the music will make you feel more spiritual.

Once Upon A Time– Air

While you guys may have heard the last song, this sound is a little bit more obscure. It’s by a French band known as Air. They mostly deal with techno music. I heard this song a while back and what struck me was that although there was a repetitive playing of the same notes there were really subtle changes going on in the background. Also this song is almost like audio hypnosis once you hear it you get sucked in.

Strawberry Swing– Coldplay

This song is one of the most serene songs ever made  and it’s proven by a survey conducted. I am a huge Coldplay fan so this song really makes me happy. It follows Coldplay’s usual music style great music and cryptic but interesting lyrics. The thing I loved most about this song was the combination of electric and acoustic guitar, the effect and the contrast is wonderful.

PassionHikaru Utada

It is sung by Hikaru Utada and I can tell you hat this song is awesome. Passion was featured in the original Kingdom Hearts 2. If you listen to this one you will be understand that as a song it isn’t particularly serene but this one is on the list because of the way it makes me feel. When I listen to this I feel like the song sucks me in until the rest of the world id completely shut out. It also brings back some awesome memories that make me listen to this on infinite loop sometimes.

Ok that’s it guys I hope you liked it.  Now I’m going to pass out because I’m so freaking tired.


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