Chapter 10

light hand


Hey people of the world, before I start anything today I just want to put it out there that today was a shit day. I know people say that a lot but today REALLY screwed me over. I just felt like getting that off my chest. Okay now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s move on to the topic of the day, it’s the tenth chapter of my book.


Chapter 10

Looking around at the carnage that remained, it struck me that there was really no way that this attack could have been any worse. “Well that sucked” I sighed. I crouched down next to Patrick and surveyed the damage done to him. He didn’t move or even moan as I turned his head to the side to get a better view of the wound. Whatever had made him get up momentarily had worn off.

The wound was a ghastly cut on the side of his head that was steadily leaking blood. “Dev come over here” I called. Devon got up off the ground and stood next to me. “I want you to get some cloth and hold it against his head. He’s losing too much blood. Devon nodded and went to work. He lifted Patrick slightly so that he was leaning against the wall, then he pulled his shirt off, wadded it into a ball and held it against the wound.

“What now?” he asked. I was glad I had chosen Devon to come along, unlike the others he wouldn’t panic. “We’re going to call our resident healer of course” I replied. I turned away from him and pulled my phone out from a pocket. Jalal was on my speed dial and I heard the dial tone in seconds. ” Hello” came the slightly wary voice from the other end. “Jalal we need you. Come to the sixth hall on the ground floor asap. Patrick’s been injured” I didn’t give him the details he didn’t need to know yet. “I’m on my way” he breathed and then he was running before he even hung up the phone.

I turned back to Devon “How’s he holding up?” I asked, ” he’s bleeding to fast, the blood has almost soaked through the shirt”, “They’ll be here soon, he’s going to be fine”. As I had predicted it didn’t take them long to get there. Five minutes later Jalal with Salem in tow came charging down the hall. “How’s he been hit” he asked kneeling to the ground. “He’s been hit on the head with some blunt object, I’m assuming it was the fire extinguisher laying over there” I pointed to the demolished piece of metal near the entrance of the hall. ” The cut on the side of his head seems to be the only injury. The metal he absorbed stopped it from crushing his skull but he’s bleeding fast”. Jalal lifted Devon’s hand off to see the wound and grew even paler if possible but then schooled his expression.

Jalal’s healing powers were powerful but hard to control. Jalal had yet to master them so it was pretty touch and go from here. Jalal put the palm of his right hand on the wound and closed his eyes concentrating. In seconds his hand was covered in blood but Jalal was too far gone to notice. His eyes rolled back in his head and light started emitting from his hand. The heat from it hit is all like a tidal wave. Jalal had healed many wounds before but this one was pushing it.

We all felt like we were burning on the inside but none of us moved, it was as if we were all transfixed by the pulsating energy coming from Jalal. Finally Jalal’s hand shot back from Patrick and he slumped backwards. Salem caught him before he fell flat but then let him lay down, he could use the rest.I examined Patrick to see the wound but there was nothing left. “Good job there Jalal, I almost feel bad for not letting you come” I smirked. “Screw you. I knew you’d need me anyway” he smiled back but the exhaustion was written all over his face.

As I was about to tell Jalal to go home Patrick stirred and resumed consciousness. “Bharat…what are you….shit what happened to” Patrick tried to get up but I stopped him ” enough, Robin is fine just a fell unconscious”. “What how did that..”, “later I’ll tell you everything. Right now you need to go back home with Jalal and Salem. Patrick tried to protest but I cut him off ” we don’t have time to chat, we need an emergency clean up now, so go home” I ordered. Patrick relented although unwillingly and walked with Salem, Jalal held between them like dead weight. I turned to Devon, “you need to get Robin home, we have a lot of talking to do, come tomorrow”. “How am I supposed to get in” Devon asked, “there is a key under the mat and there is no security so there should be no problem”. Devon looked at me skeptically, I sighed “yes, I picked it up from his mind a few weeks back”. “You worked fast” Devon commented as he walk towards Robin’s body, “you know it” I replied.

Devon had no problem picking robin up and then started walking towards the entrance as well, leaving me alone in the hall with the body. I walked over to the body of the unnamed guy and looked him over. Without the hood there was still nothing remarkable about him. Black hair brown eyes like everybody else. We were the only ones who knew what he was capable of, even then the kind of damage was horrific even for me. When I had looked at the body I had thought that every bone in his body was shattered and I was right to some extent. They hadn’t just been shattered by maybe a strong punch or an inadvertent hit. Every single bone had been systematically broken till what was left could barely be called a body anymore.

whatever was inside Robin was dangerous and sadistic, and the worst part was it didn’t care who got in the what of it’s fun.



Hey guys I hope you liked the newest chapter. For this week I want you to listen to eyes on fire-by blue foundation to get a feel for the chapter.



What do you think of “Abnormal” as the name for this book, comment with your idea’s.


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