Endless Stories

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Hi people of the world, hope you’re having a great “insert time period here”. These greeting are getting kind of shoddy, I’m going to have to think of something new to say (damn). Anyway It’s that time of the week again where I talk about things more random than what I usually talk about, yup it’s “Random Day” people.

For today I’m going to talk about books. You guys may not know since I haven’t really dwelt on the topic much but I LOVE BOOKS !!. I put that in caps so you get just how much I love them. I guess I haven’t talked about it that much about them because I haven’t had the opportunity to read much lately. While the internet is something I can access the books I really want to get are never available and another thing is that reading takes time and once I get into a book I don’t stop. If you don’t already know I use this computer kinda illegally as in my parents don’t know so I don’t get much time to read……yeah lets not get into that.

Books or rather stories are something that has been the major driving force behind my life. When I was a kid I used to insist that my mom read me something every night. Sometimes my brother would also do the job ( he was always a great story-teller). When I was a kid I had a minor case dyslexia. I still do tend to misread things but it doesn’t really affect me anymore but when I was a kid I would spend ages trying to read even one page so I eventually gave up on reading.

Although I gave up on reading I still loved stories, that’s where my mom and my bro came in. They both love books so they would always try to read to me.

Now this is the turning point. The first time I really started reading myself was when we got Harry Potter.To illustrate how much I love this series lets count the number of times I’ve read this series.  I have read all the Harry Potter books a minimum of five times ( I read the first one nine times) and then I got all the audio books and heard all of them three more times. We had gotten Harry Potter from a friend of my bro when he was recovering from an illness (that’s a story for another day). So my brother was reading this book to me with epic style and voice so you can imagine that he got tired after a while, but I was really getting into it and I didn’t want to stop, so while my bro went to recharge I continued to read. And thus began my love affair with books. My brother still read to me but I started reading more books on my own,  but I’ll admit I still like him to read to me sometime, he just does it so well.

I love books but as my brother keeps saying I love stories more, so unlike him I don’t mind reading an e-book. Another thing that I love is audio books. Audio books are the perfect mix of having the same narrative style of the author but with different voices. Mostly I tend to read books and then if I really liked them I get the audio book.

I’ve been feeling a bit deprived of books because of all that’s going on in my life but hopefully that will come to  an end after school is over. There are some books coming out this year that I am really looking forward to, I wanted to do a book review of them but a few of them are really racy so I’m not sure about it. I have a feeling this blog has gotten more adult oriented than I had initially planned. What do you guys think.

That’s all for today hope you have a great day and that if you aren’t reading as much as you should, you should really start now.



4 responses to “Endless Stories

  1. Hey, books are cool 😀 I don’t mind e-books…But I prefer paper, and I love Audio books especially if the author is reading them…amazing! 😀 I just realised I comment on a lot of your posts…Hope you don’t feel ‘stalked’ or something. xD – Its evening over here.

  2. I don’t know how bad my life could be without books…the magic of reading. I’ve read the HP series 7 times… I read them load as a child and now I read them at least once a year for new perspective (their ages) 😀

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