Cartoons (I’ve Got Issues #12)


Namaste people of the world. Today I decided to keep it traditional and go with Hindi (god knows I should use it more often). As you all know today is “I’ve Got Issues” and today we are going to talk about the deteriorating levels of the cartoons going on right now.

Now before you guys go crazy on me, hear me out first. I love cartoons always have and always will. I also believe that they play a big role in how kids grow up and how they perceiving. Some of you might agree with me, others on the other hand are going “is this guy serious, they’re just cartoons”, you see that is where you are wrong.

Most kids in cities grow up watching cartoons, some kids due to absence of parents or because their parents are always busy end up spending the majority of time watching these shows (I know I did). Given this case it seems really irresponsible to put low-level shows on air which don’t encourage kids to learn anything.

Back even a decade ago when I watched cartoons regularly I didn’t realize how much of my  perception was based on what I saw on these shows. Back then there was a certain level to cartoons. You couldn’t just throw something on air. Even shows that were for really young kids had good messages in them. The Power Puff girls had messages of good versus evil, and stories illustrating the consequences of actions. Sometimes they even threw in a few jokes that would appeal to an older audience.

One of the most Iconic cartoons of all time was Tom and Jerry. The art, the stories and the pure unadulterated slap stick comedy was pure gold. Along with their amazing comedic skills was a large amount of ethics. Most of the time you cant see it but under all the screaming and hitting cats over the head there was often a message about racism, mistreatment, and other more conventional values like team work and sharing etc.

You may think I’m reading into this too much but the fact is children wont understand much of what they are told, but they will understand what they are shown. Cartoons are often some of the kids earliest memories, if we fill that with crap then the future is completely screwed.

T.V channels need to set higher standards for the cartoons they play because they are partially responsible for how the children of the future turn out.



I just wanted to add I HATE DORAEMON and all its offshoots  It pisses me off that my cousin brother watches that shit and is picking things up from there.


Yes I admit it I did kinda like the power puff girls (I’m really surprised people didn’t find out I was gay sooner). I also liked Ed Edd and Eddy and Scooby Doo.


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