I’ve Got…..Nothing

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Hey people of the world, as you can see from the title I’m not really feeling it today. There is nothing I feel like ranting about, apart from exams there nothing bad going on in my life. It’s so weird that we can’t find something interesting in a story unless there is something bad going on, society has really pulled a number on us.

Well today is “Me day” where I talk about myself and my life, but since my life has suddenly decided to become dull, I will talk about other things today. For one there was the minor issue of my brother’s girlfriend, or rather ex-girlfriend.

I didn’t really consult him before making this post so, if you’re reading this bro and you don’t like is sorry in advance. My brother had just gotten his first girlfriend last month,and before you guys think WTH he just got a girlfriend, keep in mind, he lives in India, add to that that he is pretty antisocial as a rule I’m actually surprised he did get a girlfriend at all.

My bro and this girl had only been going out for sometime and already she had started messing with his head. Don’t get me wrong, she seems like a nice enough girl but the fact that she was making him feel bad about himself was a big no-no in my book.

For starters let me tell you what 90% of Indian girls want…..they want to get married as soon as possible. When my bro started dating her I was a bit concerned, but after a bit of doing on my part and on the part of my mom, we managed to convince my bro to tell her where he stands.

You’ve got to understand the mindset, there is no real dating in India. If you are dating a girl you are eventually (in a few months) supposed to make plans to marry her, I ignored this fact. I being the romantic that I am held on to the hope that maybe they would be really happy together since he really seemed to like her, then things degenerated……..fast.

Although my bro had told her repeatedly that he wasn’t planning on getting married soon and that he wanted to date to find out if there was a real connection,she didn’t get it and she started talking about marriage and other stuff immediately. Needless to say my brother panicked. On the one hand he knew he wasn’t ready to get married on the other he liked her and didn’t want to break up with her.

This would have all gone on for sometime but finally it came to an explosive conclusion yesterday when she  gave him an ultimatum (never a good thing to do). Looking back on all the things he told me I get that his infatuation was, only that, an infatuation and it would have passed soon enough, it’s better that it happened now,  but what really gets to me is what happened next.

The girl has been sending him texts, saying mean things about him and calling him a liar. I’d feel bad for the girl if she wasn’t targeting my brother. He has always had low self esteem to begin with, add to that the mad rantings of an observant girl and you can guess what he’s going through right now.

The girl had had a bad experience in the past with some guy and now she was taking out all her frustrations on my bro when he didn’t deserve it.

After a long pep talk he seems a bit better but I am really pissed at that girl for doing that to him. I guess she has issues so she can’t be called completely psycho but as I said I would be more inclined to feel bad for her if she wasn’t attacking my brother at his weak points.

So let this be a lesson boys and girls, love and love fully but don’t let someone dictate your life. Let people in, but don’t let them control you. In the end we are all just human and if you give a person enough opportunity they will eventually exploit you. Again I’m not telling you guys not to fall in love, I’m just telling you to leave the rose tinted glasses at the door when you do it (and this is from a hardcore dreamer so you better believe I mean it).

As for my brother, I’m not too depressed that this is over because he learned a few valuable lessons from this, and in the future he is going to have a much better relationship with some girl who will like him for the awesome guy he is and not attack him, because the worst thing someone can do to you when you let them inside your heart is step all over it.



keeping in theme with this post check out this song http://youtu.be/Suvj9jX1AD0


Flooded Roses already made a post about this but Sam’s Social has stopped blogging and has taken down his blog. This makes me feel really sad because I really felt like I knew him without really knowing him. He was the third person to follow my blog.

So as a farewell Cheers to Sam’s Social, I will miss you.


7 responses to “I’ve Got…..Nothing

  1. Two of my close friends are dating – he’s Indian and she’s Australian. They’re only seventeen, but his grandparents back in India are having a hard time understanding that they’re not planning on getting married any time soon! I think it really is just part of the culture there – a woman has to be married as soon as possible or it’s sort of shameful to the family, which is really quite sad in my opinion. But I guess it’s just because it’s a country of such long standing tradition.

    • Yes it’s because of culture that people don’t have the freedom to understand what they are getting themselves into before they get married. If you just end up getting married to the first girl you date then how will you really know if it is something that will last.

      • It’s true… And I don’t think divorce rates are any higher than most other countries, because divorce wouldn’t even be considered by women there for fear of retaliation from the man. It seems to me that marriage is more about family honour in India, rather than love… Which is a very old-fashioned way of thinking, and also very restricting in terms of women’s rights!

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