Best Served Cold



What’s up people of the world. You may not know it but this is in fact my second try at making this post. Yes people WordPress has yet again screwed me over. I’m not going to go into another rant about this,just needed to get it out of my system.

Well you guys all know what time of the week it is its “List Day” YEAH!!!!!!…………….okay maybe you aren’t as enthusiastic about it as I am but list day (although it is a lot of work) is one of my favorite days. So you guys might be wondering what today’s theme is, well let me put you out of your misery, for this weeks list I’ve decided to go for something really cheerful my five favorite songs about revenge………..what……well not so much cheerful then, but you’ve got to admit revenge is kinda awesome, it never fails to put  a smile on my face (there may be something wrong with me).  I’m digressing so before we end up talking about something completely unrelated lets move on to the list.



  • Misery Business (Paramore)

For those who have been following my blog it is not a big surprise to know that I’m in love with this band and the lead singer, but you might not know that Misery Business was the song that started my personal journey into rock and its many variations. I forget how old I was at the time (probably 14 or 15) when I heard this. Until than all I knew of rock was songs that my brother showed me, and he always leaned towards more of an alt rock vibe. The second I heard this I knew I was in love and then I listened to more Punk rock, then grunge and then everything I could get my hands on (I’m still wary of death metal). Well Lets’ just say this song means a lot to me and it’s just so kick ass. Riot was one of their best albums and Misery Business was their best track.My favorite thing in this was how Hayley sings the line “but god it just feels so good”,so much satisfaction in that line 🙂 . If you wanted a theme song on how to get your boyfriend back this is it, so listen up carefully 😉

  • Better Than Revenge (Taylor Swift)

Who knew that Taylor swift could be so bad ass. I won’t lie I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan but this song was pretty unexpected. Better than revenge is from her album Speak Now which revolves around some really great love songs and a few break up songs as one may expect, and then this is thrown in. In this one Taylor talks about how some girl steals her boyfriend and to get back at her she makes a song. Even if I wasn’t a Swifty you’ve still got to give her props for just being surprisingly bad ass in this song.My favorite line from this was “she’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress” , only Taylor can come up with a classy way to call someone a slut.

Rolling In The Deep (Adele)

The only way you haven’t heard this one is if you’ve been living without internet, under a rock, on Mars, because that’s how big this song is. I first heard Adele in a song in her first album called “Chasing Pavements”. Needless to say that I became a fan instantly, but I still viewed her as a nice sort of woman who had a lot of emotion but not so much angst. Her second album really proved me wrong. The power and the angst she has in her album “22” is perfectly personified in this song.  Nobody will be able to say that Adele doesn’t have kick after this one. My favorite bit of this song is the constant chanting in the background of  “you’re going to wish you never had met me”, yup that pretty much sums up the feel of it.

  • Before He Cheats (Carrie Underwood)

This country superstar really proves that you don’t mess with southern women. This one is about Carrie destroying her boyfriend’s  “souped up four-wheel dive”  in a very artistic way,I would have gone with punching him in the face but this works out pretty well too. To tell you the truth this one also caught me off guard  Carrie is well-known for songs like “Jesus take the wheel” so this one didn’t exactly fit in with the picture I had of her but boy does she know how to belt out the anger. Really powerful vocals that convey just how pissed off she is. I don’t really have a favorite line in this, you guys just need to hear the whole song to get the meaning.

  • Becky (Be Your Own Pets)

While all the other songs were about boyfriends and cheating, this one is about ex-best friends. Be Your Own Pet’s lead singer (and that really is their name) talks about Becky,who used to be a friend that moves on to another friend and tells the new friend all of her secrets. As you may guess she does not take this well and proceeds to exact revenge on her. BYOP is no longer together which is a real shame because they were really good together, but their legacy lives on through this awesome song. My favorite line from this song is in the chorus “I’ll find a brand new friend okay, me and her we’ll kick your ass, we’ll wait with knives after class”. I love how they make murder sound so catchy.


So boys what did we learn from this………………DO NOT PISS OFF GIRLS, they’ll kill you in awesome style and then make great songs out of it.




I know there are many other songs to put especially from people like P!nk and Kelly Clarkson but I didn’t have the space. If you have any suggestions about songs you would like to add tell me about them in the comments (I might make a part 2).



I have been neglecting books and movies in the lists so don’t worry I will make a few of those as well.



I forgot to set a song to listen to for  the last chapter so just to get a feel for it listen to this song

WARNING: this will not be everybody’s cup of tea





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