Chapter 9


hey people of the world this is the 9th chapter of my book. Last week I had trouble making a full chapter so I ended up finishing it abruptly.  I went back and edited the chapter and made it feel like a full chapter so if you missed the changes be sure to check it out. And with that let us begin.

Chapter 9

Now that these Moron’s were taken care off I needed to find out what was going on with the the team. Devon was alright only his ego and his leather jacket had taken a beating. Salem was shaken up but didn’t have a scratch on him. Jalal on the other hand has staring fixedly at the unconscious body of the hooded girl. Jalal had some serious issues going on which was precisely the reason I hadn’t wanted to bring him, but he needed on the ground training. “you okay?” I asked Jalal ,this immediately broke him out of his trance and he responded with a small smile “Yeah I’m fine, just a bit winded from the fight”. Jalal wasn’t a wimp and he had had barely anything to do with  the fight but he was still breathing hard as if he had run a marathon. There was something going on in that head of his but I didn’t have the time to figure it out. “Devon come with me we’ve got to track down those two. Salem take care of Jalal” when Jalal made protesting noises I responded with “Don’t bother arguing. Your powers won’t help in this situation. Plus we need you rested to take care of any injuries” . He wasn’t happy about it but he relented. Salem was only too happy to sit this one out  .

Devon and I started running in the approximate direction that Patrick headed in. The school was too big to just make a wild dash through the halls. If we got lost it would take us too long to get back to a recognizable land mark, which was why we stopped after we lost the trail of destruction they left behind. From this distance I should probably be able to pick up their thought patterns.  After a bit of concentrating I found them. There were definitely three signatures but for some reason one of them was very faint. Damn someone had gotten injured and if they weren’t coming back then it must be Patrick or Robin. I was just about to cut off the connection to the minds in question when a surge of energy hit me sending me to the ground.

It wasn’t like anything I had ever felt. For whatever reason this force emitted a strong telepathic force and the aura off of it was like…………..nothing. It felt like a black hole, at the same time emitting force and sucking out all the energy in the whole area. I could hear Devon calling my name in an removed sort of way but I didn’t pay any attention to him. “We need to move” I said “Now”.  One of the good things about Devon he knew when to take me seriously. He effortlessly hefted me up and we began running in the direction of the energy.

I knew when we were getting close and knew exactly when the power reached it’s peak, because at that point all I could hear was  a constant dial tone so shrill it threatened to turn my brain to jelly. Even Devon who had absolutely no telepathic power was finding it a bit hard to run. Just when I thought I couldn’t go on it suddenly stopped. All the noise just disappeared like it had been pulled into a vacuum. As I turned to corner I could see what had caused the energy blast and why it had stopped.Crouching in the middle of the hallway was what once might have been Robin. Robin’s body was still there; for the most part.  There was something very animalistic and predatory in his stance that made me want to get away from his as fast as I could and as I looked at his face I could see his eyes had turned completely black. I fought the impulse to run and tried to survey the room without making any sudden moves. From the corner of my eye I could see the sprawled figure of Patrick, he was breathing but we needed to get him help as soon as I could.  Only after I looked over the room for the second time did I see the body of the remaining hoddie wearing gate crashers.

He was most definitely dead. From what I could see it looked like ever bone on his body was broken.His mouth was still open in a soundless scream. What ever this creature was, it wasn’t Robin anymore.As I processed this Devon finally moved his attention from the crouching possessed Robin to the form of Patrick. I tried to tell Devon no to move but it was already too late. The second he moved towards Patrick Robin’s head shot up.

“WELL WELL WELL if it isn’t mister Bharat and Mister Devon, SOOOO glad you could join us”  Robin said all of this in a sing-song way that set my teeth on edge. “It’s nice to be here as well Robin, to what do we owe this pleasure” , I was aiming for my most reasonable tone hoping to convince Robin to stop. “ROBIN???? ROBIN isn’t here right now, leave a message after the beep”  with that he began to laugh like a maniac.

This was really starting to creep me out and I don’t creep out easy. “How about you let me talk to Robin for a bit. We need his help whit something”. “But I just got here AND I WANT TO PLAY”. The monster that Robin had become moved so fast I couldn’t even track his movements. In less than a second he was standing right in front of Devon. Using one hand he grabbed Devon’s face and lifted him off the ground. Devon desperately tried to loosen the grip but it seemed as if the monster didn’t even notice. He examined Devon as a child would a toy and then threw him into the wall.  Devon’s body made a man sized dent in the wall and slid down out cold.

I tried doing something anything,  but it turns out there isn’t much a telepath can do to a creature that doesn’t function on the same frequency as we do. The monster examined his artwork with glee and then turned to me. “WASN’T THAT FUN. Now what should we do with you” . I would try to dodge as he clasped his hand around my neck  but there really wasn’t much point. He grabbed me and held me in the air like he had Devon only this time he didn’t let go. He simply watched as the life drained out of my eyes.I had pretty much given up on doing anything when Devon came up from behind with a tackle and took the both of us down. It didn’t keep the monster down for long but it was long enough to get out of the way.

Now the creature turned towards Devon and it wasn’t playful anymore. Devon was cornered against a wall. As the monster raised a hand I knew there was no way Devon would survive this. That was when he stopped. The creature just went still as if the plug had been pulled out, and then the screaming began. It started out with growl in its chest and then became a scream that had me covering my ears “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT YET!!!” , and then as suddenly as it had begun, it all stopped. Robin slumped to the ground.

Seeing Robin fall I let myself fall too. My shaky legs would have given up any minute anyway. I looked over at Devon who was sitting pressed against the wall in the same position he was in when the monster was attacking us. “Well………………that was………………interesting” . In retrospect I could have said a lot of things but horrifying probably being on the top of that list but at the time interesting was what occurred to me.

I heard a noise and shot to my feet expecting more trouble but it was Patrick who got up looked at us groggily and said “what did I miss”.


hope you guys like the chapter. Comment and tell me if you have any suggestions about the name for the name of the book.



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