Ohio people of the world (yes the Japanese one again) how are you guys. If you have just found my blog then you have probably missed the mega malfunction I had yesterday. I spent an hour planning and writing a post which I was really proud of and then it doesn’t get saved.

Needless to say I threw a hissy fit and wanted to break everything in my room. I have gotten over that now (mostly), thanks for the comments really guys I am okay I just tend to blow up when things mess with me.Which brings me to the topic of today Venting. Everybody has a different method of reacting when things go wrong and everybody has different methods of coping so I decided to tell you about the ones that I and that some of the people I know use.

For the most part I like to blow up. It’s probably the most obvious one. I get angry, I shout, I tend to hit people/things so yeah…………..people generally avoid me when I get pissed. I mostly resort to this method because when I was a kid (and did not have a brain) my brother would tease me a lot and me being brainless would not know how to respond, so I would go to the only other alternative……….hitting.

This continues for a while until I learned solve some of my anger problems and when I understood how to use words more than fists. I still use fists but a just to give you perspective on how much I have changed, the guys sitting next to me would flinch every time I moved my hand. I am not boasting seriously I just had no control over the hitting.

Since the hitting thing is the most obvious one let’s skip onto the method used by my friend Mr. Purple. He has a more subtle method……… the beginning.  Fist he will start to mope, and then he will smolder inside, and finally he will end the train wreck with a huge blow up at the person nearest to him. What makes his blow ups special is he knows exactly where he can hurt you the most without trying.

I would tell you what make him act this way but the truth is I don’t know. He is just one big mystery .

Finally we have the most subtle one the one followed by mother and my brother. While I have inherited my dad’s temper and tendency for violence, my brother has inherited his razor-sharp tongue  and my mom’s passive aggressiveness. My bother does a combination of ignoring you and barraging you with specifically designed insults that make you crumble inside. My mom usually goes with death glares and her worst weapon yet the “I’m disappointed in you” look. Once she pulls this one out you feel like dirt, no less than dirt, so way to go mom for having the most creative method of taking out your anger.

Note: my mom rarely ever gets pissed off so her glares are even more devastating because of the rareness.

I guess that’s it; none of my other friends gets pissed off that much. As a last thought I would like to leave you with a thought on how to avoid getting to the point when you have to blow up. It’s really simple.

Talk to someone.

I know that you guys have heard this a hundred times but at times I feel this pissed or this run down the only thing that helps is talking to someone. For the most part of high school it was my mom who supported me. She always listened to me and told me how to deal with people and when she didn’t know what to do, it still helped to know that there was someone out there who knew how I felt.

Later I had my friends who I can talk to about my day-to-day problems and if I need to about being gay because no matter how much she may try to accept it, it still makes my mom a bit uncomfortable to talk about it but we are working on it. Finally there was you guys. Yes,You   the one reading this now. You guys especially the people who read my blog the most (FloodedRoses, TryingSomethingNew and PJ) it was really great to have you guys along and it makes me feel better to know that there is somebody out there who wants to know what I think or what is going on with me so thank you all.

So in conclusion talk to someone before you get really pissed off and if you can’t, try not to kill the friends/people nearest to you   😉



I really do think I have multiple personality disorder. Look at how I started and how I ended it.




You can e-mail me if you have any questions or just want to talk at




Do you guys think I do this P.S thing too much ???


8 responses to “Venting

  1. PPPS – Um… I like it. It’s like they are bullet points with a couple of P’s thrown in… 🙂 Oh, and I love a good vent. So good for my skin… Cheers.

  2. When I am angry, I tend to go really quiet actually…and sort of, I dont know, tense up. I don’t say a thing. But with my brother and my younger sister, yeah, they have ‘the tongue’, they can sometimes be spiteful…But they soon enough cool down and apologise, so I guess its all good in the end.

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