In The End


Howdy people of the world are you guys doing. As you all know today is “Me day” where I talk about myself (as if I don’t do that enough already). So you guys must be wondering what is going on in my life today and if you weren’t I am still going to tell you anyway. These days I have been contemplating the end, and I’m not talking about the end of the world but about the end of my school life.

The truth is that for the past seventeen years I have been miserable. Maybe one year here and there would be alright but for the most part school has been hell for me but as this last school year is drawing to a close I find myself actually feeling sad. This is not because of the loss of the wonderful learning environment but because I just realized that my friends and I are going in separate directions.This year, the first year that I made real friends; Friends that actually understood me and who accepted me for who I am is finally finishing.

It’s strange because for so long I’ve just wanted high school to end and then it does just when it was starting to get better. I now have friends teachers who care about me. I wake up in the morning and I really have something to live for and now I feel like it might be over.

I know you will say that I will still talk to them, and I will I have promised myself that much, but they won’t be there. The support the kindness and the constant teasing that I had gotten used to will be in different parts of the world. All I know is that I have been searching for people who I trust enough to let my guard down with and I finally found them so even if it was only for 10 months I am glad to have known all of you.

I guess this is a bit depressing but maybe not, maybe this isn’t the end. Maybe we will continue to be friends and over the years we will keep meeting up, wishing each other on our birthdays, talking to each other wherever life may take us. Maybe we will all be connected for our lives and the separation I’ve been dreading will never occur; or maybe this is it. Maybe this is all there is and as soon as we leave we will all move on to our separate lives; but isn’t that the beauty of life. We can never really tell where it may lead us so let’s not worry and enjoy the ride because it’s a one way ticket  😉



As a sign off I want to leave you guys with two great songs of the same name, one I know you’ve heard the other one is a bit different check them out. The video for the second one was so over PG-13 that I decided to just put the song but if you are eighteen or close enough do watch it. It really had some really interesting perspective.


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