Chapter 8


  Bharat’s POV

Well this was turning into a nightmare. It was bad enough that Robin had taken it upon himself to become the next James Bond but on top of that it had to happen just when our guests showed up. Speaking of our guests, they really knew how to make an entrance. Breaking down doors is a bit outdated, but hey who am I to argue with the classics. There they were three guys and one girl all dressed in matching hoddies and jeans. They looked positively adorable. It only then occurred to me that Jalal had picked up five signals today, where was they last one. Oh fuck, maybe he’d followed Patrick , well it really isn’t something I need to worry about Patrick could take care of the one guy….I think. Anyway I should probably get his over with fast.

“So guys…… and girl to what do we have the honor of having you guys break into the school again” the bulky guy in the center that looked like he had the brains of an orangutan spoke up “None of your business, get out of our way or die” and an attitude to match. “Well actually it is our business because you guys are making it hard to do anything these days in peace, just yesterday one of your guys killed someone. Not really contributing to the studying atmosphere” “I’ll say this again get out of our way unless you want to end up the same way” this guy was really getting on my nerves. “And I’ll also say…….you know what screw it, you guys aren’t worth the time, Devon”  I gave Devon a jerk of my head and he was off. He moved too suddenly and with such unexpected force that they didn’t have time to react.

The first guy got a fist to his face which sent him sprawling, the other three were more prepared and moved back to get into some formation. In the mean time I took out my weapon of choice a small bag of marbles and let them fall. They never touched the ground. The marbles rose till they were hovering level with my chest. While I considered who to target first I turned to Salim “Oy, don’t just stand there, distract them, remember what you learned” the guy had his heart in the right place but he really crumbled in pressure situation like now. “Right okay……what was I supposed to do again?” he asked sheepishly “Do your doppelgänger move dumb ass” as I said crumble. “Yeah okay” Salim hadn’t really gotten the full extent of his powers yet but the ones he did have worked well enough. As I thought about it dozens of copies of Salim came out of nowhere and he started attacking one of the henchmen. He wouldn’t do much damage but it had the advantage of scaring anyone out of there mind, no matter what you think you know you just don’t expect a dozen copies of a guy to appear out of nowhere.

Devon was had already taken one guy out and but the other one was still putting up a fight. As I watched the one remaining guy produced a fire ball out of thin air and launched it across right at Devon. A second before it actually hit him he jumped out of the way but it still hit his jacket which caught on fire immediately. Devon fell to the ground rolling to put  out the fire. That was when I intervened. Drawing all the marbles into a cluster I launched them at the guy. The shot threw him off his feet as the marbles exploded on impact. Now that he was out I located the nearest fire extinguisher and drew it out if it’s case towards me. Catching it in mid air I opened the nossel and used it o put out Devon.

Devon was panting on the ground but got up, he looked kinda peeved, he never liked it when someone got the best of him. “Where is the other guy” he hissed “Over by the other hall but I’m sure that Salem has it covered” . Before I had finished the sentence Devon was already charging over to the remaining guy that Salem was fighting. In his defense Salem was doing pretty well and the guy was completely baffled as to where he was but the fight had been going on for over ten minutes and he hadn’t landed a punch. Devon ran in turned the guy around and took him down first with a knee to the gut followed by a punch to the face and then finally he picked him up and threw him into the wall,needless to say the guy landed in a heap on the floor.

The fight had been more messy than I had planned but overall I was pretty happy with the way things panned out until I counted the number of people there. Three guys.  One had followed Patrick but where was the girl. This thought was immediately followed by a sound behind me. I spun around to see Jalal caught at knife point by the girl in question. “Forgot about me did you” I couldn’t see her face but I could tell she was smirking. “Of course not how could we forget someone like you, I was just about to get to you when you met Jalal”, “are you talk about this pasty little boy, he wouldn’t last long if I cut him. Probably doesn’t have much to bleed out.” . I normally wasn’t for the harming of girls but this one really pissed me off ,it would be nice to see her knocked out”Didn’t your mom tell you, don’t underestimate pasty little boys” I grinned my most sinister grin which made her lossen her grip just enough “Jalal caught onto her hand and using a judo hold he had learned from god knows where he disarmed her and threw her to the ground. Ippon I thought smiling.

################################################################################# Guys you have no Idea how sorry I am but with everything going on I haven’t been able to make a full chapter. I feel really bad that I couldn’t even finish a month with the proper schedule . Again I’m really sorry. Anyway if you guys wanted to know the song I wanted you guys to hear before you read this was Set fire to the third bar by Snow patrol. I’ll try to post two chapters next Wednesday.  😦


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