Too Random



Aloha……Mahalo…….ok I man to say hi in Hawaiian but I’m not sure which one is correct so I’m just going to go with Hey there people of the world.  It seems like I’m always going on, on some rant or the other and I’d like to say that I’m going to put a stop to it but the fact is that I need a place to vent my feelings on these topics since the people in my life have become tired of it, and if you learn something or take something constructive away from it then I feel it   that it wasn’t a waste of time.

In other news I have two more days till my accounts final and I’m kinda stressed but I’m coping also my friend Mr.Purple has fallen really ill. Leave it to him to get an illness that no one can identify. Anyway according to the doctors he is going to be sick for the remainder of the month so I pretty bummed out.

I have a really weird need to do something for people when the aren’t well. I know everybody helps sick people but for me it’s almost a compulsion, for example the fact that I can’t do anything to help my friend is really bothering me but I guess there is nothing to be done about it.  Mr. Purple also posted one of his poems after constant nagging on my behalf so you guys really need to check it out, it’s one of my favorites.

Finally there are some upcoming releases of books that I am really psyched about, they won’t be everybody’s cup of tea but violence/romance has always been a big thing for me. My own book has been suffering due to the lack of time I have been able to dedicate to it and my editor has fallen ill so tomorrow is going to be really close and if there are any mistakes I apologies in advance

I guess that’s it………wow I feel weirded out. I started this post thinking I’d talk to you guys about the degenerating levels of cartoons and how they are influencing the kids of today (man that sounds like a school essay!),but I really lost focus. Sometimes I’m writing and things just come out like I’m possessed or something (cue ominous music).



I’m going to start making assignments for you, doesn’t that sound like fun 🙂 ……….. and that was the sound of all my followers running away, but seriously the assignment will be to listen to a particular song that I’ll put a link to, while reading a chapter of my book. If I do finish the chapter then I have the perfect song picked out, the perfect mix of anger and sinisterness (hint it’s by Snow Patrol guess in the comments)


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