Bullied (I’ve got Issues #11)


Whats up crazy people of the world. Today has been so fricking tiring. I’ve spent the whole day either studying or moving around from school for practice or tuition so I beat. The count down is officially on with only four days left till my next exam so the stress of that has been messing with me as well so I may not be in the best of moods. In times of great stress I usually turn to romance or food but that is not the topic for today as you may have guessed from the title.

Today is an “I’ve got Issues” day and if I’m not mistaken I have talked to you guys about bullying before but this is more to do with the bullying that is about to occur. I don’t think this is something uniquely Indian because I have heard a lot about the frat houses in America so this is more of a general statement about the mindset of people as I see it.

For those who haven’t been in India or aren’t aware of the bullying (ragging) that goes on in them I’m going to give a short description. Much like in frat houses the ragging that goes on is centered around humiliating freshers and making the bullies feel powerful but the extent to which this ragging is taken is what is frightening. India has so many cases of students being set on fire beaten to death etc from ragging gone bad.

The problem behind ragging is much more to do with the mindset of society than the actual act. In day-to-day life we see someone getting hurt and most people laugh or simply do nothing. I worse case scenarios some people actually join in. We as the students have a responsibility to be good citizens and not harm anyone. It doesn’t matter that it may have happened to us in the past, that does not give us an excuse to do the same to others.

While it is our responsibility to make sure that we don’t do these things, there is another reason and this one I think is one that has the most impact. Most parents don’t know this but they too in some way contribute to bullying. I’m not telling you that you aren’t parenting properly I’m just speaking from what I have seen from watching other family’s. Parent’s rarely go to the extreme of saying that bullying ok but they do encourage it in other ways.

I’ve heard many parents say it’s just harmless fun or boys will be boys (I’m not being sexist but boys do tend to be more physical in the bullying) and maybe you too think I am over reacting to this but the level of ragging going on has gone far beyond the levels of harmless fun to the level where they are actively taking lives or making kids feel hopeless enough to the point where they feel they can only escape by taking their lives.

Another way that parents unconsciously encourage bullying is by saying “it’s ok when you are a senior then you’ll be on top”……..now what do you think kids take from that. I know parents only say it to comfort kids but it gives them the wrong idea. But by far the most careless thing a parent can do in this scenario is to know what is going on, disagree with how things are but still not say anything. If your child or someone else’s child is bullying then make sure you tell them hoe wrong it is and that it is not condonable under any circumstances.

I don’t mean to sound preach so forgive me if that is how I came across, I do have a lot of respect for parents,but I feel that they often don’t realize that they are making a mistake, as all of us sometimes do.



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