Family Talk


Hola people of the world I bring a message of peace from my bedroom (oh crap that came out wrong). Anyway as you may or may not know today is the day of the week where I talk about myself aka Me Day. So I was going over what to write for today and I realized that you guys pretty much know all about me. I’ve basically shared every significant moment that I had in my life, so I thought well you don’t know a lot about my family yet so consider this a crash course in my family.

First comes first lets talk about my parents.

  • Mom

Probably the most important person in my life. She is always there for me when I need her and so far has never let me down. Life has given her more than her fair share of troubles but no matter what she has pushed through. She is also really hard working. She never takes a day off unless she i’s literally incapable of getting out of bed or if her kids need her. Her work ethic sometimes works against her because she is overly hard on herself and takes it as a personal teat every time someone does something better than her, whatever it may be. Maybe the best thing about her is that she is the coolest person I know, she has supported me through everything and she is great with all my friends. I have never had a friend who hasn’t thought my mom was cool so that may tell you something about her 🙂

  • Brother

I could get away with calling my mom as “mom” but my brother should have a name so lets call him R. We are pretty much polar opposites. He’s short and slim (skinny) I’m tallish and kinda muscular, but the differences are more than skin deep. Besides occasional outbursts of hysteria over some computer related thing  he is pretty much a robot. He doesn’t feel  very strongly about much, he keeps his opinions to himself and needs people to tell them what they are feeling or he won’t get it. From all they semi flaws that I listed you might think I disliked him but the exact opposite is true. R and I have a really close relationship and he was the second person I told that I was gay. He too has supported me through many of life’s hurdles. I would not go to him for comfort because he doesn’t know how to give it but, he will tell you the truth and if I needed him he  would do anything for me. When I told him I was gay he had the best reaction of them all even better than my mom, he just said “I kinda figured that already”. He also routinely checks my blog  and give’s me feedback


  • Dad

Now this is a slightly tricky one. My dad has many layers that no one really gets to see. For a long time I thought I hated him because of the things he said to me,because of the way he treated my brother, I have come to realize that despite all of the things he has done I could never really hate him. When he first found signs that I was gay he said I was deranged and by the power of prayer I would overcome this, oddly enough this was the only time he acknowledged it, ever since then he has been in complete denial. The only times he shows that he remembers is when something bad comes on TV like if someone was gay bashed or in one incident when a man was fired from a collage that he had worked in for thirty years because they found out he was gay. On such occasions he makes pointed comments about what happens to gay people. Again after hearing this you might think I hate him but I don’t, at least not anymore. I have accepted that the reason he is so vehement in his beliefs is that he was raised a certain way and that in his time being gay was the biggest sin imaginable. Aside from his upbringing the more important reason that he hates me being gay so much is that he is afraid for me. He thinks that I will spend my life alone and in the end just end up in hell. I won’t say I like the sentiment but I do understand it. In his own twisted way my dad is just trying  to look out for me.


Wow that was a bit heavier than I intended but I don’t feel like changing it now. I wanted to make a note of my Grandma and my aunts (on my mother’s side) but I’m running out of time. Maybe I’ll dedicate an entire post to only my Grandma because she deserves it.

Today I think I’m going to do something extraordinary and actually get some sleep!! because tomorrow is going to be a long day.



I’ve seen a lot of people make lists of things you should  and should not say when someone comes out to you, so for Saturday’s list I think I might  make my one from my own experiences. If you like the idea or have one of your own then tell me in the comments.



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