Rock Chick

Hi my beautiful people of the world, I missed you guys. I’ve been pretty harried because of my next final which is Accountancy. I KNOW can you guys picture me doing accounts it’s not pretty, but hey as long as something really messed up doesn’t happen, this week will be the last time I will have to do accounts as a subject.

Coming back to the reason behind this post (and I promise you there is one) , It is List Day!!!. I put  a lot of thought behind it and decided to make a list of girls/women who rock. They also belong to some of my favorite bands so enjoy 🙂

  • Hayley Williams

She is probably the most awesome lead female singer in existence.I first found the band Paramore when I was fifteen when I saw the video for Misery Business and  I instantly fell in love with her (as much as a gay guy can) . Her band just came out with their new single Now and I’m super excited. If you don’t already know her or her music then you really need to NOW


  • Amy Lee

Most of her would know her as the lead singer from Evanescence but even as the line up for the band has changed  the one thing that has not is her amazing vocals. My immortal is a song that make me want to cry every time. I fist found her when I heard bring me back to life on a commercial of all places


  • Avril Lavigene

Do I really need to tell you guys who she is. Avril has been rocking for a good long while now making awesome songs like skater Boi and nobody’s home but the most landmark song for me was her classic Complicated, it never gets old no matter how many times I hear it.


  • Elizabeth Hale

To be honest with you guys I’ve only just been introduced to their music but in that short time they have made a big impression. The song Love bites (so do I) pretty much describes their style.


  • Christina Scabbia

Lacuna Coil is one of those bands that hit you from the start you either love it or you hate it, same goes for Christina. Her voice is pretty incredible and in the song Haven’s a lie it completely caught me,needless to say I had it on endless loop for a long time.


Well there you have it the best rocker chicks in the biz. I have started listening to more bands and as I was writing this I came along more singers that I liked but I don’t know enough about so if you disagree with someone on the list or wanted to add another then be sure to do so in the comments.



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