Chapter 7




I didn’t know what time it was since I didn’t have a watch but from what I could tell I had been here for……..a heck of a long time and basically I had nothing to show for it. I school was locked down tight. After what seemed like hours of searching I had to admit I was stuck. But if I was stuck how the hell did Jalal disappear like that. I was stumped and losing hope fast this was not my problem I shouldn’t be chasing these lunatics in the middle of the night, I should be in bed like a good little boy……HELL NO. I was not going to let these fucks get away with this, even if it meant breaking into the school.

I had noticed a little shed at the back okay to call it a little shed might be inappropriate, the shed was the size of a two bedroom apartment which in comparison to the school was minuscule which was the reason that it was practically invisible in its wake.Unlike the school their was no fancy electronic keyboard but it was still sturdy enough to withstand the whole kicking it down strategy, you know me all about the stealth. By this time I was really starting to get pissed off nothing I was doing seemed to be working out. Before I could think of any way of getting into the shed I head a small bang inside the school followed by a flash of light. I knew that no one would have been able to hear it if they weren’t right next to the window. I had enough I was getting in there one way or another, and with that brilliant thought process I ran for the  nearby trees. Seeing a sizable rock under one of them I picked it up and ran back to the school. Considering my frame of mind I had to prevent myself from just throwing it rock through the window, as carefully as I could I began to break the window. Despite my caution I cut my hand a few times but I didn’t have time to be sure how much. I probably only took a minute but with all the tumult going on in my head it felt like so much longer till I finally got the shards of glass cleared away. I gingerly climbed through the window using only the windowsill as support.

When I got in every instinct of mine told me to run towards the origin of the sound but I forcibly calmed myself. With all the noise there was still a chance (although a slim one) that they hadn’t heard me and I had to take any advantage  I could get . I crept as fast and as fast as I could towards the sounds, all the while waiting for something to blow up like before. As I reached the hallway before the Bio lab I heard a voice, coming closer I could make out who it was. Patrick.S was grumbling something about his shoe and Bharat was responding in a calming tone. I stopped right before the mouth of the hallway listening it was along the lines of  “shit you could have warned me, I didn’t know that they……..” to which Bharat said “….. complain, complain  what did you think it would do give you a hug”.

Not that I needed a lot of convincing but now I was really sure that these guys were nuts, I should just get out of here before something……..  abruptly all conversation stopped. I was so surprised at the suddenness that I almost looked to see what was happening, then Bharat spoke ” I knew you were a curious guy but I didn’t think you were suicidal” , my blood turned to ice. The tone he was using now was nothing like his usual bantering behavior, for some reason it made me think of a knife. He couldn’t be talking about me right, there was no way that guy could see me. You might as well come out we all know you’re there anyway, my breathing had sped up and I wasn’t sure why, okay the guy had caught me but why was I afraid. Something about his voice just wasn’t all there.I stood up slowly and controlling my breathing and schooling my face into an expressionless mask I walked into the hall.

They were all looking at me their eyes wary looking me up and down accessing. Bharat especially was looking at me so hard I thought he was giving me an x-ray.  For whatever reason these kids unnerved me but I would never let them see it, if they wanted to scare me using intimidation then they had the wrong guy. ” Well fancy seeing you guys here, going for a midnight stroll huh, couldn’t sleep” I said in my most indifferent voice , “something like that” Bharat smiled his most creepy smile . “So what brings you here I don’t think you were invited to our little party” his voice dripped with faux concern , “well I’m sure it just got lost in the mail” I looked over at Jalal “and mister Jalal was kind enough to show me where you were. There was  a glower from the over sized Devon “not now Devon” Bharat hissed “can’t you see we have guests” he smiled at me again, “while I really enjoyed this meeting, I really think it’s about time you left, Patrick why don’t you show him out of here” Patrick looked a bit offended and then started walking towards me. I sighed “do you really think this guy can take me, and whats wrong I thought you liked having me around”, Bharat made an exaggerated hurt face and clutched at his chest dramatically “I never intended Patrick to harm you I simply wanted you out of the way”. “Is that so, and why would that be, what exactly is going on here. Is this some kind of high school drug deal thing because I’ve got to tell you doing it inside the school not the smartest idea” I was losing my temper and I was getting nothing out of him, I was this close to losing my cool and I really needed to keep calm to get something from this guy.

“I wouldn’t do something quite so infantile, there are people coming and we need to take care of them, so we can’t have you in the way can we”. Patrick had reached me and was looking at me expectantly “you touch me and you lose your hand” I growled all pretense of off-handedness gone. ” Chill out dude,Sheesh. I’m telling you this for your own good, you don’t want to be here when the shit goes down” he said making calming gestures the whole time. “Whatever the fuck you guys are up to,I’m going to be here to see what it is” I had my fists balled and was ready to throw a punch at the nearest person. “Tisk Tisk why so much anger we’re only trying to look out for you” Bharat said all of this in a perfectly sincere manner and if I wasn’t looking at his face and the absolutely manic grin I might actually have believed him.

I was going to say something else anything to get some more information when there was a crashing noise two hallways down. “Get him out of here Patrick, NOW” all trace of humor bled out of Bharat’s face leaving behind an icy mask. Patrick touched a nearby pole and then advanced on me, “sorry dude we need you out of here” and with that he picked me up. I froze WHAT THE FUCK, how was some nerdy guy half my weight carry me like I weighed less than a pillow. I was shocked but I was not letting this happen easily. Grabbing onto Patrick’s shirt I pulled myself up and kicked the guy on the back of his head as hard as I could. Startled he momentarily let his grip loosen and I used that to get my feet loose and kick off him which sent him reeling back. While Patrick landed on the ass practically unharmed I ended up on my back with the wind knocked out of me. I struggled up while Patrick did the same “look man we really need to get out of here it’s not safe” this time when he tried to garb me I side stepped and used his momentum to trip  him. Patrick landed face first on the ground and I was feeling pretty pleased with myself until the door to the third hall banged open. I turned around just in time to see four guys dressed all in black, nothing extraordinary but for some reason they exuded menace. while I was distracted looking at them Patrick came up from behind me and picked me up again this time running with me before I could do anything.

“Let me the fuck go” I growled. I tried punching him in the gut and the only thing that succeeded in doing was hurting my hand, his stomach gave out a hollow clanking noise like it was made of metal and he didn’t even flinch. I don’t want to sound immodest but if the=is guy could still be on his feet let alone running after being punched in the gut like that then there was something really wrong with him. After running for a while with me trying to get free the whole time Patrick took a right turn down a hallway and then stopped dead, I looked up from the head lolling position I was in to see what had happened. We were in the sixth ground floor toilet hall, I knew that after only a few months here, Patrick obviously did not from the startled look on his face. He turned back to leave the hall but someone was blocking the entrance  It was one of the unidentified boys. He was wearing a hoodie due to which I could barely see his face, but I could see enough to tell that he was grinning.

“Thought that you could run away did you, it’s not that easy to get rid of us”. The boy’s voice has oddly high which was innocuous with the air of confidence around him. “As soon as I distract him get out okay” Patrick whispered as he put me down. Then he turned to the guy. Unlike in any story or manga that I’ve ever read there was no break no long explanation about what he was doing, as soon as Patrick put me down the guy jumped him. I didn’t know how the guy moved so fast but one second he was in the mouth of the hall the next he was sucker punching Patrick across the mouth and jumping back all in a blur. Patrick fell but just as quickly got back up and was running at the guy, before my eyes could catch it the guy was on the move again sliding between Patrick legs getting behind him swinging his leg for a round house kick, showing surprising agility Patrick ducked below the kick and followed it up with an upper-cut to the guys stomach which sent him flying across the room. The guy flew in an almost graceful arc to land on a nearby fountain crushing it completely. Although I was surprised by the turn of events I found myself actually cheering on Patrick. throughout the fight I was tensed to run but seeing the guy plastered I relaxed my guard and even smiled at him wanting, and there was a second where he smiled back but then there was a rush of air past me and the next thing I knew the guy in the hoodie was across the hall breaking the security glass and then standing next to Patrick.

I think I screamed NO! for all the good that did because the next second the fire extinguisher in hoodie guy’s hand connected with his skull with a sick squelching sound, leaving Patrick in a limp heap on the floor. I was frozen looking at the body of a guy that I barely knew who had died trying to protect me.That was such a bother, now my clothes are such a mess” the hoodie guy was looking at his blood spattered clothes in a disparaging manner, then he looked up at me like he had only just noticed me. ” Well what do we have here, a new recruit I presume” when I didn’t respond he said “maybe not then Bharat usually doesn’t just bring anyone in. I guess I’ll just have to take care of you too”.

I heard the sound of his fist hitting my face before I felt it and it sent me to the ground. “Just because I have to kill you doesn’t mean it has to be fast” he was chuckling like he had said the most humorous thing in the world and that more than anything set me off. How could this guy be chuckling seconds after he had just killed an innocent boy. I had noticed the tinges of red in my vision since the beginning of the fight but had been suppressing it, as I looked at the smug grin of this boy who I couldn’t even see clearly I decided that I had had enough.

The next punch that he threw at me seemed to slow down, until it seemed like it was barely moving. As it reached my face I held out my hand and caught the punch, it didn’t even move my hand. The boy looked shocked for a second and tried to free his hand, when he was unable to do that he moved his other hand for a punch which I caught as easily as the other. As he struggled against my grip I could see my vision getting darker and knew that If I let this go on there would be no turning back, I considered sparing him for a second but  then I looked at Patrick’s motionless body and gave up on that idea. I could feel his bones crack under my hold and watched as his ineffectual struggles turned into screams of mercy. I watched the terror in his eyes as my mouth opened in an obscene grin and as my eyes filled with the blackness of some other creature that did not understand the meaning of mercy and enjoyed every second of it.





Tell me how the story is going because the action is just getting started. Also I want to thank all the people that have read my blog. With over a thousand views and thirty nine followers this blog is still only worth doing because you guys read it so thank you all 🙂



I know this one is a bit on the creepy side but it was necessary believe me.


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