Belated Award Season


Yes People of the world award season is over but apparently not for me. The fantastically chill Mr Purple from sleeping on clouds nominated me for a Liebster Award and it made me really happy I think…….. i don’t really know what this award is for, I don’t even know what Liebster means. I’m assuming what ever it is, it is supposed to be flattering (but I will google it to make sure and if it’s some kind of insult you are really going to get it Purple).

If you haven’t noticed digressing is a skill of mine so before I meander off I would like to once again thank Mr Purple, be sure to visit his blog and comment telling him to write more often 😉

Moving on to the rules of this award

  1. Thank the person/people who nominated you
  2. Answer the 11 questions they asked
  3. Nominate 11 other blogs with less than 200 followers
  4. Ask them 11 of your own questions

Because I like doing things in sequence lets start with the questions

  • What’s your favorite pass-time

Reading,Music and of course writing are the things that take up my life

  • What’s something you’ve always wanted to say to someone but didn’t 

You need a breath mint, You need to get some perspective, Grow some balls, Try to understand before you condemn, no I don’t want to know your opinion on the matter……..need I go on ?

  • What is something you’ve always found funny

how people can complain about being mistreated and marginalized and then go around and do it again to someone else (so maybe that wasn’t haha funny but more like curious funny)

  • How many languages do you know

I am fluent in two English and Hindi and I can understand and kinda speak Malayalam. Currently working on learning Japanese.

  • Fruits vs Vegetables who would win and why  (figures you would ask this Purple)

Fruits would win for no greater reason than I love sweet things and fruits are something I crave.

  • What’s your favorite genre of music and an artist you love?

I love Rock especially Punk something about all that angst gets me every time :), as for favorite Artist/Band it would have to be Paramore (although they are heading for more of a PoP/Rock vibe)

  • Who’s the most amazing actor/actress you’ve ever seen?

I don’t really talk much about actors or actresses but off the top of my head Leo DiCaprio in the Departed.

  • Something you absolutely hate to do?

Lie to people that I care about (other people not so much)

  • Something you’d never do even if you had a gun pointed at you?

I could never hurt someone I loved, it just won’t happen

  • The most awesome person you know?

Over the past year I have met some really awesome people but the most awesome would still have to be my Mom and my Grandma (it’s a tie)

  • Most embarrassing moment of your life (that you can speak of publicly)?

I was in an inter-school dance competition and my pants fell down (200 kids witnessed one of the worst moments of my life) needless to say I was never allowed to forget that one.

Okay so now that’s over let’s go over to the nominations

  1. My Awesome Blog– Well that about sums it up. She awesome she blogs about her life and she likes the same shows I do. As far as I’m concerned we are friends for life (sorry for not telling you that sooner)
  2. FloodedRoses- Maybe It’s just be but her life seems more interesting than anything I’m reading. She’s opinionated writes well and together it makes a wicked combo (I know you already got one thought you could stock up on them 😉 )
  3. PJisBlogging– What I love about this guy is how much he cares about everything. Even in the short time that I’ve been reading about him he has gone through so much shit but he still tries to take care of others. Good on you.
  4. Roo– This guy has been through so much but his style of writing is always so optimistic I really recommend you check him out.

And that’s all there is to nominations I would give Mr Purple one more but I know he’s pissed about having to answer so many question so a simple thank you will have to do.


S#!? I forgot to do the question here they are

  1. What’s your favorite book
  2. What music do you listen to when you feel down
  3. Whats your favorite character (can be from any medium i.e books,tv etc)
  4. Who inspires you
  5. If you could be someone for a day who would it be
  6. What would you want as a super power
  7. which period would you want to live in (other than now)
  8. What are five things you have in you cupboard right now
  9. One thing you love about yourself
  10. Favorite color (with reason)
  11. Ichigo or Naruto who do you thinks looks better with orange hair

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