When The World Forgets (I’ve Got Issues #10)



Hey people of the world it’s that time of the week again where I get into the really serious things that I see around me. Some people may argue that I’m a lot of my other posts are not exactly flowers and rainbows either, the reason is that I don’t really keep the thoughts behind each post written down. When something occurs to me or when I see something then I have to write it down at most I try to save it for a few days but usually it just ends up coming out anyway.

Today is the tenth issue of the “I’ve got issues” series and to be truthful I’m kinda surprised I lasted this long. I have a long history of being a flake and not keeping up with things but I really think I’ve found my calling so hopefully this is just the beginning and there will be other blogs and other books and a never-ending stream of thoughts and ideas all heading towards making my life a bit more worthwhile.

It  is unfortunate that till now I have still not gotten a single follower from India, maybe because blogging isn’t that popular there or maybe because this blog is still new but I still maintain that I was using this blog to reach out to the Indian people, it was an unexpected but gratifying realization that my audience was more in Europe, America and other western countries.

While I haven’t been able to reach other Indians other than my friends I was able to share news about India with you guys so that makes it worth while. One story that is being discussed a lot these days is of Irom Sharmila. I don’t blame you if you don’t know her because it is our nature as human beings to not see beyond what is readily visible and even if you did look this particular story would have passed under your radar.

It makes me very sad when I contemplate the sate that my country is in, the sheer amount of conflict going on side by side often blocks out stories that should have been told long ago. Irom Sharmila is a Civil rights activist and poet from Manipur which unfortunately enough has become a police state. Her cause is against the  Armed Forces Special is probably the most appalling law in India and her struggle against it would although commendable would have been ignored like many others like it hadn’t it been for her method struggle. Irom has been fighting this act by fasting for the past 12 years. I am not exaggerating, even Gandhi ji never fasted for so long. She neither eats nor drinks any water and has spent a third of her life this way. When she first started her fast she was arrested for attempted suicide (which is illegal in India). While in jail her health got to a point where she had to be fed using nasogastric intubation.

Over the years she has not given up her fight until the point where now she is at all times attached to a pipe. What makes it more sad is that no changes have been made despite her protests and she has been arrested several times for attempted suicide and yet despite all that has happened in her life despite all the suffering she has been through she still has the courage to say when people ask her if she is trying to kill herself that she loves life and values it too much to throw it away. This is the kind of woman that makes me proud of being an Indian because if through all this muck if she can rise up above it all for the sake of her country then so we.


3 responses to “When The World Forgets (I’ve Got Issues #10)

    • It truly is. For the sake of her country she has abandoned any hope of having a life,she is set on living like this until change happens, more than anything else it makes me sad that one woman has to go through all this because we won’t change.

      • Right now it seems like there will never be change but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And when the change finally does happen people in India will remember the extraordinary people like her who took a stand for you guys to get the change that is needed.

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