Hi my beautiful people of the world how is life in the other side of this connection. When I think about how we are all linked by the same thread this flimsy WiFi it makes me feel so small yet significant at the same time. Everyday I reach people in every corner of the world and it make me feel like everyone has a purpose and it doesn’t matter that there aren’t that many people who follow me it just means there is more love for you guys to share 🙂 .

What brought this on you may ask  well the reason I am gushing like this is really quite odd, it’s because just today I read a blog post by another blogger who posted what I thought was a hate speech. I have decided not to name him just yet (if you decide you want to see the short discussion we had I will post a link later). He is a devout Christian and thinks that homosexuality is a sin.

OK at this point you guys are going WTH why is this gay guy who has made his views on LGBT rights clear, not calling this guy an intolerant nut job, well……. I did kind of ( not is so many words). I read a post by him saying he was disappointed in a man who said he was “ex-gay” (I also would like to state that I don’t believe that anyone can be ex-gay). Reading the post there were a lot of quotes and his views on how everybody should fight their baser desires and the usual shtick and as you can imagine I was a bit pissed off, you see I have been living in this fantasy and thought that just because we were on WordPress there would be no one who would be actively saying that homosexuality is a sin so more than pissed off I was surprised.

I thought about this post for a while and then later decided to make comment. I was tempted to be offensive but my inner good guy kicked in and I thought maybe if I put it in a way that appeals to his conceivable good nature I could dissuade him from saying these hate speeches. So I said something along the lines of hate is unnecessary and there are so many people around the world suffering because of the kind of things you guys spread and I asked him to reconsider his stance. To be honest I expected him to delete the comment  but to my surprise he did not. Later he commented back saying that he understood how  I felt that it was a hate speech but that it wasn’t, he was simply stating his beliefs. Normally I would  have taken this with a grain of salt but later two more people commented telling me I had it all wrong.

So if you guys know me in person you know I don’t like being told I’m wrong but because I was curious I decided what the  hell might as well try. One comment was from another man who obviously shared the same opinions with the blogger. This man told me that the blogger wasn’t a hater, he simply believed that being LGBT was a sin, according to him at least the blogger didn’t hate people in fact he thought they could be very nice it just meant that he didn’t believe in what I believed in. I hadn’t considered it that way so I was a bit surprised but what really got to me was another couple that commented. They said they were a gay couple and that they knew the blogger personally and knew him to be a tolerant and goo man. Needless to say I was flabbergasted (I just needed to use that word), why would a gay couple come out in support of someone like that. They said that  aside from the fact that he thought being gay was a sin he never judged them or told them to change. for someone who consider’s himself to be pretty tolerant this felt like a cold splash of water.

I was telling this man to change his ways and to see my point of view, but isn’t that just as bad as the people who tell others that you no to be gay and  yell obscenities at you. It might not seem the same to you but I felt that if I was going to spread a message of tolerance and loving one another then I should start with myself. There are so many people out there that will have different opinions but that doesn’t make them wrong or right and as long as they aren’t causing harm to anyone then who are we to tell them that they are wrong. I don’t agree with him and I will never be able to but I will accept that this man whose beliefs in one respect are so fundamentally different form my own is not a bad person because of it, if fact he only seemed genuinely concerned for me.

I don’t want to change and given the choice I would choose to be gay each time. I know that not everyone agrees with me but isn’t that what makes the world beautiful, the fact that we can be so different yet so similar, think so differently yet co-exist  that is what really what makes us humans special. I won’t accept his point of view and he won’t accept mine but as long as we can live together in harmony I think that’s just fine.






I know a lot of you might be disappointed that I didn’t take a stronger stance on this but the hate needs to stop somewhere and if I can why can’t that place be me. If you have any questions or disagree with me comment below and I will answer your questions to the best of my ability. Thanks for the support you guys




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