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Anyohasayo people of the world, and that’s Korean for hi (yes my obsession with Japanese people is expanding to Korean people too). These past two days have been pretty eventful and it was really a struggle to not post anything but I think it’s important to regulate myself, but I have missed talking to you guys so whether you are new here or have been around for a while I just want to say it’s a pleasure to talk to you (even if it kinda seems like a one-sided conversation).

As you may know today is List day. For those who don’t know about it yet just click on the list tag to get all the lists I’ve made so far 🙂 . Last time I made a list of five songs that encourage you to be who you are but oddly enough I got the impression that some people found the songs depressing so today’s post is going to be exclusively optimistic. Most people in the world know what YouTube and that would be because it is one of the fastest means of communication these days so today I would like to make a tribute to some of those Youtuber’s that make the site what it is.


If you have ever been to YouTube then chances are that you’ve heard of these guys.They are probably the most funny guys online, that coupled with the fact that their video are practically works of art makes SMOSH a must see channel.

  • DaveyWavey

I am not ashamed to admit that I am addicted to his channel. He is funny and often takes the time to talk about important issues. By far the thing about him that I like the most is his attitude, he’s gay and unashamedly so and always tells his views to love them selves and to be a more loving and accepting person. It also doesn’t hurt his case that he is incredibly hot and does all his videos without his shirt on (need I say more 😉 )

  • DailyGrace

In the mood for some no holds barred comedy then this is the channel for you. This woman is absolutely crazy and always entertaining. She is probably the only woman in the world that can be sexy and so completely disgusting at the same time, she also gives great advice ( just be sure to do the opposite of what she says. Also her style of only posting on weekdays and having themed posts is what inspired me to change my blog style.

  • The Gay Comic Geek

No I am not being offensive that is actually his name. If you haven’t guessed by now he is a gay geek who loves comics. I may not be into comics as much as he is but it’s always nice to see a fellow geek. His reviews on comics are very insightful and after trying more than a few if his selections I have to say hit the nail right on the head. I haven’t been in the comic book loop lately so it’s nice to get an update on what happening. He also happens to be smoking hot and ripped (go geeks go 🙂 )


  • Emma Blackery

I absolutely love this girl. She’s awkward and silly and kinda crazy but interesting. She has this fixation of dyeing her hair constantly which yields some interesting results. Her sketches are hilarious and somehow her vaguely self loathing attitude makes them even more funny. She’s kinda new to this so subscribe and support her. Also she’s British and her accent is killer 🙂


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