You Love Me You Love Me Not


Hey there people of the world it’s me again YEAH….. which makes me wonder who else it would be, okay so I’m rambling I should just get on with the topic for today. As all of those who follow me know today is Random Post day and I decided to use it to talk about something that has become increasingly common for kids today. How may times have you heard people around you say they love someone and I’m not talking in a familial sense. I feel that these days the word love is being thrown around too much, don’t get me wrong there can never be too much of love in the world but when it gets to a point where we are just saying the words without meaning them then it makes the word worthless.

Flashing back to fifty or sixty years ago the word love was filled with so much reverence, it wasn’t something which could be given to any fling. Movies like Casablanca, Roman Holiday showed this picture of love which made us believe that love was something beautiful, a once in a lifetime experience which should be cherished which brings us back to the present time where people fall in and out of love like they change clothes.

These days if you’ve been dating for more than a month especially for teenagers saying that you are in love is like a rite of passage. In fact this belief that love is something that is so temporary is something that has come from the mindset that has developed in western countries (not dissing you guys). When people have this impression that oh so you’re sixteen that means you must have already fallen in love twice then the meaning of the word love in nothing more than a temporary infatuation.

I may be wrong or terribly ignorant  this is only my perception of what love should be. Everybody has their own opinion on love and it’s different for everyone all I want to ask you guys is would you rather call an infatuation that you’ll get over the next day love or would you want to call it love only when you are in a relationship where you would do anything for the other person and where they would do the same for you.

Again this is from the perspective of a teenager who hasn’t been in love, I’m only telling you guys what I would want it to be.



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