Chapter 6


Hiya people of the world how are you this fine (enter time of day here). As you guys know today is Book Post day and as promised today I’m uploading the sixth chapter of my book. I’m still a bit uncertain as to what to call the book so if you have any suggestions then be sure to tell me about them in the comments.

Chapter 6

It was finally night time.I wore the darkest clothes I could find. They weren’t going to be of much help if someone did see me but it was the only thing I could think of doing. Before I left my room I went to my dressing table and pulled out a small compartment on the bottom  of the shelf. Inside was my pocket knife, it was much larger and sharper than I usually thought was necessary but for today it would do just fine. I went to the door and as I was about to leave the house it occurred to me that in the morning I had just left my bag at school and run out, there was no doubt someone in the administration office that was not happy with me. I looked at the answering machine had two messages on it. I pressed the button and the voice of SAD came out it a stern warning for my mother saying that I had ditched school and would need to supply a proper reason by tomorrow. I considered this for a second and then shrugged, because my mom herself had to pull out of school herself for various work related reasons she had piled up on the fake medical certificates from a friend of her’s so there would be no problem convincing SAD that I had an acute bout of nausea and had to go home, I was even too sick to take my bag. No one was really interested enough in a school to call up and check whether  the certificate was legit or not so I was in the clear. As I was about to walk out the machine skipped onto another message that I hadn’t seen it was my mom’s. Her voice came out of the machine as calm as always undisturbed by anything or anyone “Robin…, due to work related problems I will not be able to come back home tonight. There is money in the drawer by the door. Use the money only for food and be in bed by 11 I will most probably return tomorrow but in the case that I don’t the money should be enough to last a week, use it wisely”, and that was it, no love you no take care just  use to money wisely. Part of me was upset that she had gone off again without even bothering to tell me face to face but the other part of me realized that this was an opportunity I could not miss out on.

I was out the door and then riding my bike at top speed towards the building in no time. The wind was blowing softly which made everything look better and the speed and the desired effect of clearing my mind. I never understood why people wanted to go so slow, if you slowed down you would just be able to see all the cracks and all the imperfections of life. When I’m going fast, I don’t see all that anymore, here in this never-ending blur everything is perfect and beautiful.

When I get to the building I almost feel sad, yeah I could go around the block once more to feel that speed again but I know that it wont be the same if I force it. I get off the bike and drop it on the side of the road where it can’t be seen. I look up at the building admiring its architecture when it hits me that I have no idea what I am going to do. It was all well and good to find this guy and go to his house but then what. It’s not as if I was going to break into his house and even if I did what would that accomplish. I didn’t know what I was looking for and proof of the existence an invisible guy that I almost saw doesn’t seem like something you’d leave around in one of those Caution This Is Top Secret  files. It was starting to sink in that there was really nothing I could do so before I could let myself feel like more of a fool I got back to my bike and got on. I was going to drive off when I saw something move on the ground floor window. I ]turned around and saw someone coming out of the window. I moved quickly to get out of the street and quietly put

my bike down so I wouldn’t be seen .There was someone coming out if the window who like me dressed all in black. I couldn’t see his face but he was thin and extremely so. I knew that there was a high chance that it was Jalal but I was cautious anyway, if this person was someone more dangerous then I probably wouldn’t be able to fend it off using a pocket knife.

As I watched the figure slowly got out of the window and dropped down softly, luckily for him the fall was a short one. On landing down the figure went into a nearby shed and pulled out a bike and with practiced ease jumped on and rode off  in towards the right side of his house. As the figure rode on it came under the light of a nearby lamp-post illuminating his face temporarily. It was Jalal as I had thought and by the looks of it he was heading to school. I wasn’t really in the mood to take part in a wild goose chase but as I saw it there really wasn’t much of a choice either follow Jalal or go home and chalk up all the strange incidents that had happened so far to misunderstandings. Unfortunately for me the ignorance is bliss concept  has never applied and of coarse 20 seconds after he rode away I followed suit.

When I finally reached the school I saw the bike sticking out from a thicket of bushes, I went to check on them and sure enough Jalal’s bike along with five others were also there. So the whole gang had assembled, this would either make things easier or a whole lot worse. I walked around the school wall and sure enough there was a new tread mark on the short side of the wall.I sighed heavily I was probably the only kid other than these guys that was trying to break into school rather than out. I climbed the wall easily and dropped down on the other side. I was worried that Jalal might hear me coming but as it turned out I really didn’t need to worry because he was gone.

I knew I was less than a minute behind him so there was no way he could disappear into the school in under a minute unless he was Usain Bolt but he was gone and there was nowhere else to go but the main entrance. Before the main school building started there was a two mile long field that divided the wall from the school. Jalal may be more athletic than I gave him credit for but he was not a sprinter. I looked around for some other place to go but I came up empty. So I was faced again with a choice go home and tell myself that these kids were just crazy and had nothing to do with me or going into the school and finding out what was really going on. Guess which one I chose.


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