Life Is Worth Living (I’ve Got Issues#9)

save me

Ok people of the world it’s time for you guys to brace yourselves this post is going to get a bit heavy. I just saw this video recently and it hit me like a sucker punch. I knew there were teenagers get depressed hell one of my friends is just recovering from depression but nothing I knew or thought I knew prepared me for this. It was a video released by a sad depressed and lonely girl who had no one to turn to and finally thought that suicide was the only way out. If you guys have been keeping up with YouTube videos then you know by now that I am talking about Amanda Todd.

I was about to put the original video on this post but decided to put another related video called Teens React. You may have heard of it and usually the videos are pretty funny but this one was dedicated specifically to talk about how to prevent bullying.


The Friend that I have also went through somethings by the hands of some other students which led him to being depressed which consecutively led to him cutting himself. I don’t know where this started or when this became an acceptable  part of our society where we can hear about someone cutting themselves because they feel so sad and alone completely dismiss it. When my friend first started cutting himself I didn’t even know him there was no one to stick up for him which is where my other friend comes in Mr Purple. I don’t know what he would have done if Purple hadn’t been there to provide a helping hand and sometimes even going to the extent of taking all the sharp implements from his house. Mr Purple went much further in the task of helping him then anyone ever thought he would go but that isn’t necessary for everybody. If there is someone you know that is going through depression and is cutting themselves take it upon yourself to show them that they are not alone. Tell them that you are going through the a similar thing, even if the things in their lives are worse than what is happening in your’s just knowing that there is someone who cares enough to say something may be enough to stop them for taking drastic measures.

I always write this blog keeping in mind that teens and kids are reading this so if there is someone out there who is reading this blog and is feeling alone and lost know that there is someone who cares for you. You aren’t alone and you aren’t the only one going through this. I’ve had my struggles and sometimes in the depths of my despair I wondered what it would be like if I simply ceased to exist, but whenever such thoughts came to me I always remembered that there is so much out there that needs to be seen and to be done that dying now would be an injustice to the life I have been given.

I know that life right now is tough but it won’t always be this way. High School is a terrible and traumatic experience for all of us but there is so much to life after that. Life is full of color and possibility and you owe it to yourself to see all that the world has to offer. This phase in your life will end and you will see the world is a much better place where you can be happy. Until recently I thought all there was to life was this never-ending sadness and that would stay with me all my life, but I was wrong, I was so spectacularly wrong that I can’t even feel all the sadness that was once there and given time you too will get to a better place.

I hope that whomever you are whatever your problems are that you listen to me and that you realize once and for all that this isn’t the end and that it does get better.

If you need someone to talk to I may not be on the blog night and day but I check it without fail every night so if you need me I am here. No matter what you know for yourself talking to someone always makes it easier so if you need the help of someone in a more professional way then here is a link to another post on my blog containing hotline numbers for some great organisations that are always there to talk to you.I have also posted a link of another blog containing helpline numbers so please if you are feeling alone talk to someone,  no one can deal with their problems all on their own.  My post  Flooded Roses


I know that today’s post was a real downer and I did consider listening it up but I realized that there are somethings that need to be said as they are.

Be Kind To One Another


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