Be Yourself

Hey there people of the world how have you been these past two days. I hope you guys didn’t miss me too much ,,,,, ah who am I kidding I hope you were waiting till Saturday arrived to finally read my new post. As you may know today is my very first list day and as the name suggests on every Saturday I will make a list of things I like or don’t like in a particular field. Today I was a bit on the fritz about what to write about. I was weighing a few topics around and decided to stick with a more upbeat tone this week by making a list of five songs that inspire me to be who I am no matter what anyone has to say about it, so here we go in no particular order the first is

Born this way – Lady Gaga

Come on you knew that any list about  being yourself would have this song in it. The lyrics are wonderful and inspiring and aside from that the song never fails to get me in a dancing mood.

This is who I am  – Vanessa Amorosi

I heard a remixed version of this song for the first time and really liked the lyrics so I looked it up an it turned out that the song was just as amazing. It’s a pity this song isn’t more recognized.

Be yourself – Audioslave

You have to listen to this song to fully appreciate it. I’m aware that this is not everybody’s type of song but I loved it

Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

This was my favorite song for a really long time. If you haven’t heard it then you’ve been living under a rock.


The Middle – Jimmy eat world

I just am crazy about this song. Jimmy eat world has some of the most iconic songs but this is one of my favorites. This one just makes my day every time I hear it

There were many other songs I wanted to include like Beautiful by Christina Aguilera and Beautiful you by Jonny Diaz but this was just a list of five so some had to be left out. If you guys can think of any other songs or have something to say about the songs that I did list then make sure to comment bellow hope you guys enjoyed it.



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