Booked (part 4)


Hey people of the world this is the fifth chapter of my book. I’ve been working on the name of the book but i’m still on the fritz maybe you guys can come up with a suggestion, if you do write it in the comments

Chapter 5

I only noticed the blood on my clothes when I finally stopped to catch my breath. It felt as if I had been running for days rather than a few minutes. Everything I knew was turning upside down. Who was the invisible person, why would he kill the boy, how in the fuck was he invisible, all these thoughts were pounding in my head making me feel nauseous. I had to shake it off and remind my self that I was in an open hallway in a school that was constantly on the move, covered in the blood a dead student. Something told me that the teachers wouldn’t really buy the story that I was merely idly curious.

I knew I had to get out of here and the closest place that I could escape to and get a new pair of clothes was my own house which was located three kilometers from the school. I had no trouble getting out of the school, there was no security to speak of  and fortunately I saw no teachers as I made my way to the back wall of the school. Climbing the back wall was the fastest way to get home and luckily for me was not to hard to scale. Grabbing onto a nearby fence I proceeded to climb it slowly. When I was almost level with the top of the wall I grabbed on and pulled my self up. The drop down was more than that of the climb up because of the uneven floor level but I had jumped from much higher levels and I know how to do it so I just let myself fall rolling forward on landing.

The more I waited around the more chance that someone would see me, so I decided to make a run for it. After fifteen minutes of solid running I knew my whole body was drenched in sweat and was thinking that I was going to pass out soon but as I was about to give up I reached my apartment. I burst into the apartment with unnecessary force. I ran into my room and started ripping off my clothes as if they were poison throwing them to the ground then I ran into the bathroom running the shower on full force. I steeped into the cold shower and finally let myself break down. I was shaking but I didn’t know why was it because of the shock of seeing the body the killer of because some unknown invisible person was running round killing people randomly and there was nothing I could do about it. But by far the most disturbing thing about this was that there was a part of me that had actually had enjoyed the rush of it, the thrill of almost being caught the fear of seeing the body. I pushed those thoughts away before I actually did throw up.

After getting out of the shower I was shivering even harder than before but now my mind was clear and I knew what I had to do. I revved up my laptop and opened up my browser, it was time to do a little more in dept research into these guys.


Five hours later I was still on the computer but I had nothing much to show for it. It seemed as if there was no trace of any of them. I had to face it I knew too little about background searches to get anything concrete. Just as I was about to give up an idea struck me, there was one boy who I knew would do a better job of finding information and luckily I knew how to make him do it.

Thankfully school was already over and he would already be home. I went to the school website and downloaded the previous year’s yearbook and sure enough in the front page was the contact info of the editor Alan Mathew. I put down the laptop dialed the number and worked to modulate my voice properly. “hello?”  a voice cracked through the phone line “hi is this Alan” I asked in a level voice “yes” he replied slowly “who is this” I could tell he was being cautious but that would change soon. “hey it’s me Robin from class” I heard the phone drop and then a frantic trashing to get to the phone. I almost smiled at this, I may not be hot stuff but I knew when someone was attracted to me and Alan had been giving me the eye since day one. “Hey, sorry about that ” he said breathlessly “what can I do for you”, “well I’m thinking about writing an article on the different cliques in the school and I heard that if you need information you are the one to see” I was trying to add as much sexy to my voice without being obvious and I suspected I was failing miserably but  I think he was too far gone to notice. “Well you’ve come to the right place what do you need”. “I’ve been able to find information on all the other cliques except the one run by Bharat Chawala, I was wondering if you could help me out”  there was some silence on the line while he considered, “yeah I could do that just give me ten minutes and I’ll mail it to you” with that he had slipped into a more business like demeanor so I thanked him and after I gave him my ID and said goodbye.

Ten minutes almost on the dot themail came in and even I was surprised with the level of info he had been able to gather. While I was going through it a phone call came in, I picked up and Alan’s voice came through “did you get it” he asked, “Yeah, this is great thanks so much for your help” I said, “any time” he replied his voice swelling with pride “well I guess I’ll see you in class then” he asked hopefully “sure see you there,bye”. I hung up and smiled slightly, the guy was cute and if I was a different person I might have gone put with him but as it was there was no way he would be able to handle me.

I flipped through the paged of background information on the whole gang. Even now there wasn’t much information but I was able to find out a list of schools that they had all been in. Bharat like me had transferred quite a few schools with a total of six, the first one was due to some unknown  act of hostility against a teacher but all the other schools gave no reason. All the others in the group were mostly from Oman except for Jalal that had only transferred last year, none of his other schools were listed which I thought was odd. Mostly all the information consisted of articles that had been taken against their will, some for violence others for achievements it seemed as if no matter how much they tried they couldn’t seem to stay out if the lime light, but the one that interested me the most was one of Jalal. It was an article of a program he developed that had completely revolutionized the  administrations of all the schools of Oman. I knew that he was smart so that didn’t surprise me that much, what I was interested in however was a small mention in the article of him living in a building near the school. I had noticed the building before because of how lavish it looked. Suddenly I had a mission, I didn’t know what I was going to do when I got there but I did know that whatever happened I was going to find out more about these kids, even if it meant going to their houses I would have to wait till night but I knew I had to go today . It was time for a field trip.


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