Hey People of the world it’s your friendly neighborhood blogger back for another day or shall we say night considering how late it is here. So if you don’t know already today is Random post day. I’ve been thinking a lot about this the past few days and to tell you the truth I’ve been kinda stumped. When I have a set guideline as to what to write I can do it easily but if you give my mind free rein then it will never stop trying to make up some new and better topic, so to avoid any further confusion I will go with a topic that has been bothering a friend of mine of a while which is the expectations of others.

For the purpose of this post lets call him Sam. Sam has a major mental problem that prevents him from being able to remember all the things required to study for the tests we are all undergoing. He relentlessly pushes himself to learn but constantly gets very low marks despite the help we have given him. Life for him is though and if it was just his family it wouldn’t be as bad but there are other people. In the school they call him an idiot for getting low marks, his teachers treat him like crap  because they think he is worthless and on top of it all he has an MLA uncle that constantly puts pressure on him to be the bread-winner and to get in the 90th percentile.

Back when I didn’t know he had this disability I used to think he was just lazy but after three tests of him getting under two digit marks I started to wonder if there was something off, maybe he had a learning disability  After two years of knowing the kid it still seems as if the teachers don’t have the slightest inkling of what is going on. What is even more frustrating than this however is that his parents although they know that he has this problem continue to send him to school without telling anyone, none of the teachers know. I’m not saying that if the teacher knew that he would magically make Sam pass but at least he would be able to  help him in some small way.

We have all these expectations pushed on to us from when we are young that many of us can’t even imagine a world other than the one shown to them by their parents. When I think of Sam’s story I get pissed off for so  many reasons, one because he is under all this stress for no reason and the other because he never stands up for himself and tells people that he can’t do this, if his parents don’t want to acknowledge it at least the teacher would have to.

Living life trying to fulfill someone else’s expectations isn’t living at all. You have your own mind use it to make a world where you are in charge and where you can do what you want to do and nobody will b able to stop you. Sam if you read this blog you should know that there is no reason that what some uncle with an over inflated head should get to control your life. There are so many things that you can do and that you are meant to do so don’t waste some of the best years of your life trying to live up to thee expectations of someone who never mattered to begin with.



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