Relationships,Loneliness And All That Other Crap (I’ve Got Issues #8)


If you are a teen or anybody for that matter then you have definitely felt lonely. For some lucky people they only have that a few times in their lives and for most of the remaining population loneliness is a sad but inevitable part of life. Since we all feel lonely what is it that sets other people apart from us, why are they able to stay happy while we aren’t, is it because they had less sadness or less of a reason to be lonely than others, no it has to do with the ways they deal with those emotions.

In my life there have been many times that I have felt lonely in fact in the past six years there have been so few times of actual contentment that I can count them on my hand but every time that life gets hard I always remember the things I do have. A mother who loves me and a brother that although annoys the crap out of me is always there for me. Over the years I have also made friends that have shaped my life in various ways, the ones that have come into my life have probably been the most influential of the bunch.

As the year draws to a close and I as I come closer everyday to going back to India I look back at the days that I have spent here and realize for the first time that I will probably miss these guys the most. I also know that there is a high chance that after a few months we won’t write to each other anymore and that soon enough we will just be another picture we look over on Facebook when we are trying to talk to someone else, but that is okay too because life is not worth living trying to protect your feelings.

A few times friends and family have disappointed me or made me angry but for the most part it is best if you just forgive the person and if you can’t then don’t let the pain of that hurt you. If the pain of not forgiving the person is more than the benefits of forgiving them then maybe you should reconsider your decision. I know that I can be a bit harsh on my friends but that is because when I’m in a relationship with someone I don’t hold back and in return I expect somethings which I am  kind of particular about.

I’ve learned over the years that sometimes relationships don’t last and that even if it feels bad now it will get better. One of the problems of wearing your heart on your sleeve is that you leave a lot of room for people to step on it, but that being said I wouldn’t want it any other way. When you open your heart to heart ache you also open it up to a whole world of other emotions. Friends and family may betray you but they may also be the only people in the world you can count on so don’t shut yourself down, there is a world of people who are waiting to love you and to be your friend you just have to let them 😉


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