WHAT’S UP PEOPLE As you can see the title describes this post in a nut shell because today it’s all about me YEAH. If you guys have been reading my blog regularly you would know that recently (and by that I mean yesterday) I’ve decided to make some changes to my blog by giving each day a theme and as you can guess Sunday is me time, so buckle up 🙂

Life on this side of the middle east has been pretty mild while the rest of the countries wage wars and overturn governments we are still busy studying and before you guys think that studies is all I talk about well I can tell you if that is the case then it is not by my own volition. Everyday I am being constantly barraged with comments like “If you don’t study now you will be a failure in life”, “what are your plans for life”, “WHAT you’re only going to get 70 out of hundred, I might as well make you work as a clerk in some office”. First off I want to re-emphasize the importance of getting marks in an Indian world, basically if you get less than 60 you are nothing but dirt and I promise you I am not kidding.

Getting marks is a matter of family prestige. If you don’t do well people basically have licence to openly make fun of you, so basically you can say that I’m under a bit of pressure these days but hopefully it’s nothing I can’t handle.

In other news I been working on my book a lot recently and now I actually starting to feel like it might have some potential. I know that doesn’t sound to hopeful but for me that is a big deal because I’ve never kept with an idea long enough for it to actually develop into a book so I’m being cautious;y optimistic.

Other than that there have been a relentless stream of classes that I’ve had to deal with so it’s been hectic but I suppose it’s better than sitting at home and doing nothing so I’m not complaining (much).

Anyway that’s all there is in news about me this week I hope you like the new changes to the blog. If you like how the book is going be sure to post a comment telling me what you liked about it and anything you didn’t like because I’m always open for criticism



It’s my brother’s birthday today and he didn’t get to celebrate it properly so from my side lots of love and I hope you can come here soon so that we can celebrate with the whole family.


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