An update


First of all I just want to say that crack is wack and that no one should do drugs. It brings you closer and closer to death every day and the pay off is just a few moments of forgetting, it’s not worth it.The second thing I would like to do is apologize I know its been three days since my last post and I have no better excuse except for the fact that I was very busy these past days with studies and so many other things like working on my book. Yup I have actually decided to take it seriously I pitched the story to my friends a couple of days ago and they loved it so from now on I have a new writing assignment so if you guys want to read the other chapters then comment below.

There is another reason I’ve decided to make this post, it is also to tell you that this blog is going to undergo some changes. I’ve found that when I leave it up to myself that I am not keeping up to my dead line of having regular posts, so I have decided to set only week days as post days thereby giving myself two days off. Those two days will be the weekdays of Oman Thursday and Friday. Also all the days are now going to have a theme. Saturday will be List day where I make a list of things on any topic imaginable, Sunday is Me day where I talk about what’s going on with me, Monday will be I’ve got Issues day where I talk about issues going on in the world and my opinion of them, Tuesday will be random day where I post anything that I think is important on the day and finally in Wednesday I have book day where I post all of the chapters I write during the week.

If I do miss a day the schedule will still continue as planned so stick around this could get fun……………or terribly boring I don’t know why don’t you tell me.



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