Booked (part 3)

This is chapter four of my book

Chapter 4

For a minute I thought I was going to panic maybe even start hyperventilating but instead of that a strange calm came over me. I walked towards the body of my ex tormentor carefully examining the mess of glass and porcelain lying around him. Some strange urge pushed me to bend down and examine the body more closely than I should be comfortable with. Looking at him I couldn’t find a morsel of regret that he had died just a lingering unease as to what could have done this because whatever it was, it wasn’t just human.

Lying on the floor I saw the boy’s student ID Darren was the guy’s name, how anticlimatic. Then for the first time I let myself take in the havoc that had been wreaked on his body. His clothes were completely torn to shreds with; guessing by the glass shards still embedded in his body was done by the broken window. All the wounds on his body were grisly and anyone of them could have killed him but the one that struck me the most were the long finger marks on the boy’s neck. The cuts jut seemed to be the icing on the cake.

Just as I was about to examine the body some more I felt the presence of someone behind me, picking up the largest shard of glass I could find I whirled around to face the person. “SOO I see you’ve developed an interest in necrophilia lately”. On seeing Bharat I almost relaxed because although he was creepy I didn’t think he would kill someone who is when I looked down to his hands, they were long and lean like they would be more comfortable on the keys of a piano. They were also the same kind of prints left on Daren’s neck. I held the glass shard higher pointed at him, “careful with that you could poke somebody’s eye out with that thing” he was putting on his most playful smile and in the situation I was more than a little scared but I didn’t let it show.

He looked me over for a second and then over me at Daren’s body. “Any thoughts on our dearly departed here” he asked casually like someone would ask  how the weather was outside , after considering for a moment I responded in an equally casual way “nothing out of the ordinary, just that his whole skin has been cut up by thousands of glass shards and just happens to have marks around his neck that match your hands”, “is that so” he responded “so I guess you were here to see me choke this poor boy and are here to bring me to justice ”, “I don’t  need to everyone knows you’re a crazy bastard let’s see how long it takes to prove that”. “Really” he asked with a look of consternation “I thought that was only me”

“ It’s too bad I’m not going to be around for that long” he said sighing heavily as that he started walking towards the door, “stop….” I began to protest but before I could even start Bharat stopped abruptly and began to turn around. When he finally faced me he was wearing his creepiest face yet, it looked like he was enjoying himself immensely. He started looking around the bathroom slowly in a way that made it look as if he had looked at the wall long enough it would melt under his gaze, drama queen. “I know you’re there” he said in a sing-song way “there really is no point in hiding, I can’t see you but I can definitely feel you”. If it was possible I was even more creeped out than before, “who the fuck are you talking to” I was practically shouting at this point. “Shut up for a second why don’t you, there is someone else here”

He continued to do his sweeps around the bathroom and just as I was about to punch him and get out he stops and jerks his head to the left and said “there you are”, there was another crash and I was sent flying into the remaining stall and Bharat was thrown into the wall. Lying on the floor I could see a pair of shoes running from the bathroom. I got up dazed and looked towards Bharat “What the FUCK was that” I shouted, looking at me with a huge grin he responded with “that would be our resident killer” and with that he began to run after the guy, “wait!” I shouted but he didn’t stop but he did look back and say “you should really be going now who knows what’s coming as we speak” and then he was gone turning a corner after the strange apparition. As soon as he was gone it was as if a spell broke and I suddenly realized that I really shouldn’t be there, so with no further thought to what had just happened I ran in the opposite direction hoping against hope that this path would take me away from all the carnage but as I would soon learn it isn’t as easy to run away from it as you might think.


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