Booked (part 2)

I realize that this book isn’t in theme with the purpose of the blog but until I can make another blog all my chapters will continue to be posted here, enjoy!!!

Chapter 3

After two days of not being harassed by anyone else I finally started to loosen up a bit, which shows you just how bad my judgment is. I figured since Bharat had done nothing but say hi and no other kid had tried to corner me that I was in the clear turns out that was wrong again.

The day started off strangely enough with my mom deciding to drop me off. Usually she gets the driver to drop me off but that day she got it into her head that she needed to do it so off we went. Before you ask what my mother does let me beat you to the question, I have no idea. I’ve asked her loads of times but have never gotten a straight answer so I’ve pretty much given up.

On the way to school we barely looked at each other as was our custom. I was busy looking blankly out the window when her voice broke my reverie, “so how has school been “I was so surprised she had even taken an interest in my life that I just looked at her blankly which made her irritated as almost everything does. “I was asking how your classes are going” after looking her over for a bit I responded with a “fine”. “I see” she answered; I could see she was working up to say something but I wasn’t in any rush to hear it. It was probably about the usual topics anyway either telling me to study or to not be gay both of which I had already told her were impossibilities.

When we finally reached the school lot she turned to me and said “whatever happens do not work to make you presence felt, work discreetly and soon you’ll be in a good job like I am and will be able to make a life out in the world. I know right now it’s all fun and games but soon you will realize that some things that you want to do now won’t always be there with you .The stop being gay speech always a classic. The subtext I read from this was that she didn’t want me to wear pink spandex to school and spend all my time studying and finally get married. I had three whole seconds of mind melting anger before I got into control; she really wasn’t worth it anymore. I got out of the car and jogged towards school leaving my mom sputtering behind me .

When I got to the class everything was as it always was divided by the lines of each clique and as I got to my seat I made a routine sweep and was surprised to find that Bharat along with his whole troupe was missing. If I had spidey senses they would be tingling, as it was I had a really bad feeling that things weren’t right.

Dropping my bag on the floor I rushed out of the class startling some of my class mates. As soon as I hit the hallway it occurred to me how stupid I was being. One the likelihood that anything bad was really happening was one in a million and two even if there was something going on how in the world was I supposed to find them in this enormous school. I decided that there wasn’t any point in going back to class so I might as well look for them in the places I knew they hung out.

In the end it turned out looking for them wasn’t necessary because as I went down the stair well to the second floor I heard a scream. I don’t know what most people do when they hear someone scream but as I heard it I knew that it had to do with Bharat and I ran towards the sound as fast as I could.

No sooner had I reached the first floor that I saw the girl who I presumed was the cause of the commotion. From the way she was running and flailing her arms I could tell she had no idea where she was going so before she went and hurt herself I grabbed her which only made the screaming worse. “Calm the fuck down” I screamed back at her, the screaming stopped which gave me a temporary window to talk “what happened why are you running around like a maniac”. She started babbling incoherently to which I replied by giving her the most level look I could manage “tell me what happened” repeated slowly with emphasis. After a few miss trials she finally managed to say “body…. in the…..girls bathroom”. Hearing those words made my blood run cold. If it had been any other high school I would have dismissed this as some hoax but for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to disbelieve her. “Go to the nurse and tell her to call the principal, we’re going to need to get an ambulance or something. The girl nodded vehemently and then ran up the stairs tripping repeatedly.

At this point a part of me realized that I shouldn’t go looking for the body but for some reason I couldn’t stop myself and soon enough I was running towards the ground floor girl’s bathroom. The first thing I noticed when I got to the corridor that had the bathrooms was the wet floors. For once they were even wetter than usual. I walked through the water careful not to splash any of the water on my clothes. At the door to the bathroom I took a steadying breath and opened the door. I don’t know what I was expecting to find but what I did find was beyond anything I could have imagined.

All the faucets the toilets and the one window in the bathroom were broken into tiny pieces lying on the ground in a sort of halo around Neanderthal 1 who was soaked in water and blood.


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