Graduation (I’ve got issues #7)


Hello people from the blogosphere I come bearing gifts in the form of a new post. Yes you can say it I am a geek but at least I own up to it. If you guys have been following my blog you would know that I am reaching that critical juncture in every kids life also known as graduation. Until this point I’ve been so focused on getting out of high school intact that I never really thought about what I would do when I got out of it. It has also occurred to me that with the exception of a few, most of my readers are from western countries like Britain,America and other countries in Europe so today I decided to make a post educating them on the pressures of being an Indian high school kid.

SO first off lets look at the much publicized version of high school or rather the American version of high school. Whether it be in overly dramatic settings like Glee or High School Musical or more gritty real shows like Veronica Mars, the only real image of high school that most of the world has is of American High Schools and although their problems are tough and the bullies there are much more ingenious than in India there are some tortures that only Asians can enforce on their kids.

Remember in the high school movies how the little geeky guy who is always studying was bullied and taunted well it’s the opposite in India. Only in India in or other Asian countries will you come across this phenomenon that the sports stars are the losers who never get recognized while the Nerds who get the grades are practically worshiped. In Indian high schools just like any other if you aren’t getting good grades you might as well be a speck of dirt. In recent times things have changed to an extent that they are actually encouraging students to participate in sports but for some people who are more into the arts there is nowhere to turn.

I have always loved English and other arts and while in India I dreamed of getting into a school that had a humanities section (in most Indian schools there are only three sections in the 11th and 12th classes either Science, Commerce with Maths or Commerce with Informatics). After doing miserably in the subjects that were accepted I was finally regulated to the Informatics section by default ( in my school the topper’s were in Science the next batch was in the Maths section and the rest were in the Informatics section.

Being put into a box like this stifled me and pushed me even more to just shut everything out. Eventually I stopped caring about my grades and started failing, it wasn’t until I came to Oman and met some great friends and teachers that I started working again. This is a classic example,of how someone who doesn’t fit into the majorities perception of success gets trapped and this happens to so many people in India unless they motivate themselves enough to get a passing grade and spend the rest of their lives as clerks.

The Indian education system needs to change and change fast so that people who are different don’t keep falling through the cracks. I’ve decided despite the vehement wishes of my dad to get a degree in English and then Journalism so hope fully I won’t get stuck in the doldrums that often seems to be the fate of the youth of today.



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