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Hey people, today I’m feeling a little low on steam so I can’t come up with a good post but I really wanted to post something so I’ve decided to post the first two chapters of a book I’ve been working on, tell me what you think about it. Also I promise to post an I’ve got issues segment tomorrow


It was Tuesday. Granted on most days in my life it hardly matters to me what day it is but that day I remembered every single detail for more reasons than one. It started out like any other day and then rapidly turned so messed up that everything that I knew to be true changed. I started memoir of sorts because my friends think I’m going crazy and need a place to vent and they are probably right, but the one thing that is comforting about that is that if I’m crazy so are they.

Chapter 1

10 months earlier

Life in Oman is basically a continuous stream of déjà vous. For those who haven’t been here I’ll save you the trouble, you aren’t missing much. Since I had come here almost a month ago my life had been very slow. Even the air seemed to move in slow motion, almost as if everything was constantly moving through tar, eventually tiring to a point where you just stopped moving and got stuck there forever.

If you haven’t guessed by now I haven’t been having a great time here, but then again there is not much trouble an Indian teenager can get into……well there has been a bit of trouble, okay more than a bit. Over the years I have changed school a total of eleven times but not all of this is my fault. My mom’s job has resulted in me having to change school often, this coupled with my never ending stream of mishaps have lead to us not having stayed in one place for more than a year. In all honesty if it weren’t for my mom’s never ending stream of contacts I would never have been accepted into the school I’m in, the prestigious Oman International School.

This school was indistinguishable from all the others with a notable exception for the size of the place. With nearly ten thousand students, the teachers were understaffed and the security was lax which suited me just fine. Going into the school I had really low expectations and I wasn’t disappointed. After the first few schools I stopped making an effort. It was not worth the time memorizing the names and faces that although different were still all the same. Adolescent, angsty teenagers too caught up in their own problems to see the world outside, so I suppose in that way we aren’t that different.

Stepping into the class room 12-g I looked around at the 40 odd faces that after the first week had just stopped looking at me. Not that there was much too look at, at five foot seven I was short and unremarkable, I had put on some muscles from extended hours at the gym but I suspected it just seemed like I was overcompensating for the height. Other than that I just had the lightly tanned skin and black hair that doesn’t even have the decency to be completely black with just a shade of brown, even my eyes were typical blackish brown of Indians. So basically I was everything I hated I was ordinary.

Choosing a seat at random I sit down and look at the class. Here at this point is where the class is the most interesting. When they aren’t looking, when if you look hard enough these mini people almost seem relatable, but then one of them says something bitchy about someone else and the spell is broken and I realize that nothing will change here. Continuing to look around my gaze lands on one student in the far corner of the room and sigh Bharat Chawala is already is surrounded by his band of merry men. He is leaning back talking to the skinniest most anemic kid I had ever seen he would have probably fallen down if someone blew on him. Look at him you wouldn’t see it at first but it’s almost like a gravitational field that surrounds the guy. People just seem to be drawn to him I find it disconcerting and for that reason I have remembered his name, I have a feeling there is something about the guy but I’m just not interested enough to find out. As if sensing my gaze Bharat looks this way and gives one of his trade mark enigmatic smiles nods at me and mouths Robin, making me wonder how long he spent trying to make saying hi look cool, I nod at him and look away as always. It had become a kind of ritual with people and most gave up after about a day but for some reason he hadn’t gotten the hint.

Soon enough the room was filled with the newly woken up teenagers all filing into their respective groups. Yes like any other school this one also had its share of cliques which were constantly at war with each other. It came as no surprise to find that the leader of one of the groups was Bharat. Every now and then a desperate team member would come up to me trying to start a conversation in the off chance they could add a new recruit to their ranks , but for the most part I was left alone.

The class began like it always did with our undereducated and harassed teacher Sabu Alexander De Silva or SAD like I liked to call him. He was going on about something in English literature that I had already read and which I doubted he understood so I didn’t even bother to pretend like I was listening.  After three more classes which were more of the same the bell finally rang for recess. I got out of my seat and out of the class so fast that the teacher was left just staring at my back.

I felt choked in there, like the very atmosphere was trying to smother me. I went directly to the wash room and turned on the faucet. The noise of the running water momentarily blocked out the sound of the students and I was able to concentrate. I practiced some of the breathing exercises my mom had taught me to calm myself when I got stressed. I knew I was breathing hard but I didn’t care for now I was free to breathe without anyone watching me. At which point a group of noisy students burst into the room laughing at some off color joke one of the cracked. “Just what I needed” I sighed. Splashing some water on my face I pushed off the counter and made my way to the door only to find it blocked by one of the boys that had come in.

I didn’t know his name but he looked like a Neanderthal, I had seen his type so I treated the situation delicately, “could you move” I said in my most diplomatic yet un-servile voice. You wanted them to not perceive you as a threat but at the same time you needed to make sure that they listened to you, this strategy works in most situations but this time luck was not in my favor. The five foot ten aspiring body builder considered me for a few minutes considering how much he could get away with, and to my utmost annoyance he decided that he could screw me. “Now why should I do that?” he asked me in a voice so stereotypically dumb and slow that I had to fight to keep a straight face, “because I need to get out” I replied in as normal a tone of voice as I could muster. Now the guy was starting to have fun, at the same time Neanderthal #2 who I had completely ignored at till that point started circling around me.  “Here we go again” I thought “couldn’t even last a month before I got into a fight”.

Already my breathing was getting heavier and I could hear the blood rushing though my veins, it wouldn’t be long now. I knew the routine by heart someone would make the first move and then I would black out, after that there would be the fallout. I just hope I don’t seriously damage these fools. I readied myself to anticipate the first attack, when the door opened and three people came in. It was Bharat and two of his lackeys. He looked at me raised an eyebrow then looked at the other two. “SOO no one told me that there was a party going on” he said in an exaggerated happy tone “wasn’t I invited” he was grinning at the two in a distinctly creepy way. I didn’t think that one lanky guy and two others that looked like they had never gotten into a fight would be of much help but to my surprise the Neanderthals considered for a minute and then walked out huffing

When they walked out there was a silence. “I could have handled them myself” I told them before they could respond. Bharat looked me over with a gaze that made me feel like I was getting a cat scan and then just grinned “I have no doubt , but for their safety I decided it would be best if you didn’t “. It was my turn to look at him speculatively. I was finding it hard to figure out if he was being serious or facetious finally I decided that it hardly mattered and moved to get out of the wash room, but he blocked my way. “Not you too, what is it with this school and not letting people go to the loo in peace” he was still grinning which pissed me off. Moving out of the way he said “you should try to not hate everyone it will make life much easier around here”  “thank you oh mighty Buddha but keep the chicken soup advice” I said finally getting out of the room. As I tried to go somewhere where I was less likely to strangle someone the sound of his annoying laughter followed me.







Chapter 2

It’s been a week since the incident at the wash room and I’m ashamed to admit that I am a little shaken up. It’s not the fact that I was nearly attacked that had me bothered, that happened all the time. What was bothering me was that I was so close to losing it when they attacked and that I had to be stopped by some kind of Indian hall monitor. Which brought me back to the subject of Bharat, something was off about that guy. The moment I had seen him I got vibes from him but ever since the incident in the bathroom and the surprising way in which the two Neanderthals did what he said I haven’t been able to shake the feeling that there is something he is hiding.

Since the incident I’ve done some checking up on him and his entourage.  It turns out that there was very little to be found about him. I only knew that he came to this school last year after moving all around the middle-east and had made quite a name for himself wherever he went, but I couldn’t figure out what he did to get the attention.

The other members of his group were easier to figure out; there was Salim who was one of the guys that came with Bharat during the incident. He was skinny and wore enormous glasses wherever he went which further cemented his nerd look however his academic skills were probably the lowest in the class and he also had a reputation for being a procurer of sorts. He was the go to guy if someone wanted things delivered to the school.

The other guy that came with Bharat during the incident was Devin. Unlike Salim, Devin was well built and very conscious of his looks. He was a notorious flirt but well liked by most but there were rumors saying that he had a bad temper. So far nothing that I’ve seen verifies that.

The remaining members of the group were Jallal and Patrick. Patrick was the researcher. While he wasn’t as sickly looking as most of the group he had a distinctly bookish look to him. Most of the time I would see him with some book or the other, many people came to him when they needed something looked up.  Jallal was the resident I.T guy. I had seen him at work in the computer lab. The things that boy could do with a computer were frightening. The guy was also manic depressive and suicidal. I had no details as to what cause his depression, all that I had been able to find out was that around one year back something had happened in the school that made him this way, but no one knew what.

All the information that I had been able to find out about them suggested that this Bharat guy was making an in school organization, gathering the best in all fields together to get a profit, but there was something off about that theory. Yes they were obviously making a lot of money off the different ventures they were doing but there was a way they all looked at Bharat, like he was the center, that somehow he would solve all their problems. This made me think that there was something else behind this, aside from a business relationship.

Their relationship unsettled me, the way that they looked as a group was almost as if they were a symbiotic organism like they needed each other to survive. Even Bharat seemed to need his followers to function properly. But probably the most disconcerting part of this was that now Bharat seemed to be after me. Ever since the incident in the bath room his casual attempts to say hi had escalated to a point where he would literally cross the room just to say hi. For whatever reason they wanted me to be a part of their group and it was starting to scare me.

I hope you guys like it comment on what you thought about it and feel free to offer constructive criticism I know there are all sorts of errors in it


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