EscapismThere are many things that I am addicted to but they all lead back to the same thing the desire to escape the things happening around me. Yes I know it’s kinda pathetic but hate it or love it has become an unavoidable part of my life. Food has always been one of my escapes. Today one of my cousins who lives here remarked in a purely observational way that I seemed to have put on some wight since she last saw me which is something I know but have been getting a lot from relatives lately (Indian families have no filter when discussing you physical appearance).

I knew it was true but I still got a bit upset so I went home and made sausages with a honey soy sauce glaze (which I might add are pretty good). So I was half way through eating them when I realized that whenever I get unhappy or stressed I feel the need to eat continuously. Mostly I end up having something sweet but luckily for my body there was no desert today. I Realize that this is not a healthy thing to be doing but it is something that I have never been able to kick.

When I think about it there are a lot of things I do to escape like reading books watching TV(although I have reduced that drastically) surfing the web. All of these things are ways of ignoring reality and making myself feel good temporarily. From these reading is probably the most productive addiction but it still feels like a misuse of a book. Books should be read to enjoy them not use them as a substitute for the real world.I am not against getting involved in a book by all means go ahead but remember not to let the life in a book be more important than your real life.

So this is me telling you try to stay in the real world, I know it’s scary and messed up and inside your head it may be fun but before you know it you would have missed out on all the beautiful things around you and it will be too late to get those moments back.  Don’t live vicariously through your books, movies or shows if there is something you want to do then do it and if there is something you don’t like that has you stress eating realize that eating will give you nothing more than a few seconds of happiness followed but a really bad stomach ache the next day.



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