Ha psych I just kept this as a name because I wanted you guys to read this, just kidding not about the kidding part about the psych part………what I mean is that this  post is about obsession or more accurately one obsession in particular. You may have noticed if you have eyes (no offence to people who don’t) that gay people seem overly obsessed with their looks. The constant going to the gym the dieting, it has almost become a part of our culture now. Even I who has been exposed to gay depictions in the media only later in my life have picked up certain traits from them. Granted I am still a slob and my struggle with a diet is pointless (there is no escape from chocolate) but I still feel the need to keep one. So this post is going to discuss why that is.

In my opinion there are many reasons that gay people tend to care about their appearance more and go to the gym a lot, one of them is that they want to see the same characteristics they admire in other men in themselves. When there is a guy that I’m attracted to I see the things that make me like him and I want to have some of those traits for example physique. When we see other gay people trying to look like male models we feel the need to do that too.

Another reason,and this is the one that applies to most gay guys, a lot of guys make sure that they are buff to contradict the  perception that all gay guys are girly. I know that I have certainly thought about it and when people are watching I have at times pretended to like things that I didn’t because it was the masculine thing to do. There are other reasons

We are too different to fit into one perception of one another. We cannot all be an Abercrombie and Fitch model some of us have to be lazy chocolate munching lay-abouts. So just be the best you that you can be and to hell with everyone else.


3 responses to “Obssesed

  1. I agree it does seem to be the ‘norm’ when you think about it. I n the other hand must be the exception to the rule as I have no will power whatsoever, and I think diets are evil. 😉

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