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Hey there all you guys surfing the net. It’s been a long week of exams but I’m finally taking some time to keep up with the blog. So recently I’ve been thinking about dating. If you’re talking about with guys then I’ve never been on a date, but I have gone out with girls before.

When I was in India I had a girlfriend for about a month. We only went on one date so there was never any conflict. At the time I thought that it was just some fun, I couldn’t go out with a guy so I thought why not get some practice. This was remarkably selfish of me because I completely disregarded her feelings here. I rarely ever do something like that so I always remember when it happens. When I got ready to move here the already thin relationship just ended and we both went our separate ways cordially without any resentment.

The real trouble only started when I moved to Oman. Here I met another girl, and at this point let me point out that I was only interested in her as  a friend. We talked a lot so she misunderstood and thought that I liked her. So before I know it she starts sending me texts complaining about how no one would date her to which I responded to with the customary it’s their loss line, so she asks me “if I asked you out what would you say” and call me naive but it really had never even occurred to me that she might be interested in me so I said “I’d be lucky to date you”, next thing I know I’m her boyfriend.

I would have been content to let it go and pretend to he her boyfriend if she wasn’t as attached to me as she was. She wanted to spend all our lunch breaks together and it really started to make me feel uncomfortable, so I decided to break it off and with great difficulty I did manage it, maybe a month later when I thought this  whole thing had blown over I was just sitting in class with my friends (during lunch break) and she comes up to the door and asks me to come out of the class. When I get out she demands an explanation on why I broke up with her (I hadn’t given a reason), so I take her to a secluded place and tell her “I just won’t be dating any girls from now on” and she asks why so I tell her again ” I won’t be dating any girls from now on” then she goes OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH and walks away in a daze.

At this point let me just say how stupid this was. This girl has had a reputation of screwing people over, I had just broken her heart and then given her a gun to shoot me with. So you may ask what possessed me to tell her well at that I hadn’t come out to anybody and I was still feeling a bit trapped also I am not a good liar so I couldn’t come up with a good lie so I decided f#@! it might as well tell her. Luckily for me she got over the initial trauma and we are kind of acquaintances now.

As far as dating guys goes I have been interested in a few and  few have even seemed to return the sentiment but none of them were ever out enough with themselves to contemplate a relationship.I’m not feeling bad for myself I’m just wondering how long does it take for you to meet someone who is as interested in you as you are with them. I don’t have high expectations, I’m not looking for prince charming just a guy that I would like (not too much to ask for I think).

See ya


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