Excerpt From My Bucket list



Hey people whats up!!!!! Lately because of my on coming graduation I’ve been giving  some thought about my future so I thought I would share an excerpt from my bucket list. If you have any idea’s you think I should add don’t forget to comment about it below !!!! 🙂

  • Bag pack all over Europe
  • Learn two more languages to make it five
  • Kiss someone at the top of the Eiffel tower ( corny maybe but I think it’s cute)
  • Read 10,000 books (only 9000 left)
  • See Venice in the morning ( there are too many mosquitoes in the night)
  • Play paint ball with friends
  • Be openly gay
  • Write a book
  • Leave the world a better place due to something you did.
  • Learn to Bake like a pro
  • Jump in a pool of jelly ( it just sounds like so much fun)
  • Go bunjie jump
  • Go sky diving
  • Bad mouth some of my old teachers to their face’s
  • Learn some martial art

‘That’s only a very short part of my bucket list, maybe I’ll post them all in different post, or maybe I’ll just write a huge two page list who knows



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