Make Your Own Kind Of Music


Maybe you guys don’t know this but I’m a huge Paramore fan and just two days ago they released their new single Now and I am ECSTATIC!!!!!! I’ve waited two years for this and finally at long last their new album is going to be released soon.

The reason I love Paramore so much is because they channel so much of my inner angst and help me deal with it.Whenever I’m feeling low or angry and there is no one I can talk to I put on one of their songs and I’m soon jumping around belting out the songs on the top of my lungs, and believe me doing that is the best form of catharsis ever.

Music has been a major shaping factor of my personality and as I grow older my tastes have changed but I will always love Paramore because of the feelings they never fail to invoke in me, like I can’t be beaten like no matter what happens no matter how much I’m beaten down I will get back up and kick the ass’s of anyone who made me feel small

So that wasn’t the most serene thought but the fact is that many days the only thing getting me through the day was the thought that one day I would be strong enough and in a position where I wouldn’t have to take the abuse anymore and that those who tormented me would get a taste of what it is like to be tormented.

That is one of the reasons I started going to the gym and why I’ve vowed to take Krav Maga  classes(find out more about it here as soon as I find a place that teaches it. I’m sick of being the victim the one that needs support, this time I want to be the one people can rely on. Listening to good rock music always makes me feel stronger but there are also times when what I need is not to be riled up but to be calmed down.In that case songs that make me feel It’s okay to be who I am is what I listen to a few examples are

Make your own kind of music-Mama Cass

Sing a song The Carpenters

Born this way Lady Gaga

and one rock song that I always turn to cheer me up

Best of you Foo Fighters

Hopefully this list of songs will give you a reference point on where to look fir songs that make you feel better.



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