Stereotypical (I’ve got Issues #5)


Lets face it at some point or another we have all been subjected to stereotypes. Whether it be about cliques like jocks,nerds,emo or if it is for reasons you can’t control like if you are gay,lesbian or transgender whoever you are whether you like it or not you are classified into a stereotype.but what gets to me is that so many people are content with believing the stereotype and never look further than that. How many times have you come across someone and automatically grouped them into a clique on the basis of their physical appearance or because of their upbringing.

I know that where ever I went I was always the foreigner. When I was in India, people constantly remembered that I studied abroad for a lot of my life and made life tough for me because of that. The same thing happened when I went abroad people there thought of me as the Indian and they expected me to behave a certain way because of it. But that was because of something I did or more like something I was made to do it had nothing to do with who I was.

Then there was the more ingrained stereotypes that almost everyone has like those of gay people. When I came out to my mom I noticed that she started to watch me more closely. She stared to comment when I did something ridiculous like dancing for no particular reason. Things that seemed so innocuous to me suddenly seemed like a big tell to her. She also started asking me for advice in what to ware (lets keep aside the fact that I actually do like that part).

When stereotypes are created people shut down the fact that every person is different and that grouping them together just because they fulfill some external characteristics. Gay people are varied like any everyone else, they are not all Queens, twink,bears etc and shouldn’t be pressured into one kind of type to be accepted. I’m gay, I like shopping, I dress well and I like a lot of geeky things that might put me into a category but I also enjoy sports immensely  I’ve gotten into more than a few fights, I love rock, and physically I don’t fall into any of they types of gay guys  there are but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be accepted. Diversity is a thing to be celebrated not quashed. Imagine a world where everyone fit into a preconceived notion of who they should be, imagine how boring life would be if you knew just how everyone would behave.

So I’ll just conclude this by saying don’t live your life by somebody else’s rules. Live your life they way you want not in a box. Be yourself no matter what anybody has to say about it. It took me a long time to understand that and for the first time in a long time I am free to be who I am without having to worry what people will say or what my friends will think  and let me just tell you it feels amazing. Finally using the words of my Idol I will sign off by saying

Be Kind To One Another

(P.S if you guys can tell me who that is you’ll get a  prize !!!!)


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