Okay for those that have come here for my scintillating dialog let me just tell you that this post is going to be a bit different. Today I am going to talk about boys. Now I know I’ve tried to keep this blog PG but there has just been something or rather someone on my mind recently and I haven’t been able to get that person out of my mind. I know assorted members of my friends and family read this so I would like to tell them in advance that they may want to skip this one

So to start off with lets give some back story. I have been regularly going to the gym for about seven months now, and before all of you guys start labeling me as a stereotypical gym bunny I want to clear the air by saying that it started out as something to improve my health. I’ve known I had hypothyroidism since I was fifteen and because of that I’ve had to work extra hard to lose the extra pounds despite that I have come to a place where I am happy with how I look. I may not be a super model but I look OK. After the last gym shut down I joined a new one near by which is where I saw him.

Now I know this isn’t an AWWW moment, yes the only real guy I’ve been this attracted to is a late twenties man who I’ve only met at the gym. All I really know about him is that he has a nice voice and that he looks like Adonis. The whole situation is annoying and distracting but the most annoying part of all this is that it makes me feel very shallow. Up till this point even though I have found guys attractive they have never been this distracting.

For those who don’t know me when I am simultaneously drooling over something and trying not to I end up glaring. So I spend my entire time at the gym trying not to look at him and then glaring when I do (maybe people think I’m just concentrating).  I like to consider myself a romantic and monogamous but the fact is that I have needs !!!!!!! I’ve been celibate for a year since the last time I had sex and it is driving me crazy. Maybe some of you can relate to this or maybe you can’t but I can’t stop looking at him and I don’t even know his name (sighs with exasperation). Speaking of not knowing people’s names there is a great song about that which you should check out, It’s called you guessed it I Don’t Even Know His Last Name by Carrie Underwood http://youtu.be/TNohT-fvR68

Take Care

P.S I hope you guys weren’t too creeped out I told you there were other sides of me 😉


2 responses to “Distracting

  1. To find someone cute is all but natural …nothing to be creeped out about . Lol if you ask me you should stare the shit outta him. Utilize every moment you get and picture every perfect part of him 😛
    Getting crushes is normal 😉

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