Be Brave


Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite for not telling people that I am gay when I am telling people on this blog to accept themselves and be brave. It feels like to do this blog right I should at least start off by telling my dad,but the thing I have come to realize is that you can’t live life on somebody else’s terms. You may only have one life to live so while we are unsure of that fact we should make sure we live this life to the fullest.

I have decided to tell my dad the moment I have enough to rent an apartment, because it is unlikely that we will be able to stay under the same roof after that. For those that feel that since I haven’t come out completely I really don’t have the right to give advice to others I can only say that when you come out it should be when you are able to live on your own and most importantly when you are sure of your sexuality and comfortable with it. As of now I am not financially secure so I cannot come out but till then I will continue to spread a message of acceptance privately and in a few years hopefully I will be able to go public.

In the mean time I would like to share a video of a man that was brave enough to come out on YouTube at personal risk. I applaud him and wish him the best of luck. Share this video as well if you can.


7 responses to “Be Brave

  1. I have actually seen this video; he made some very right points. He said how when you do have a child you think about the lovely woman, if a boy, will marry; when in retrospect, it could be a man…But you just don’t think that when you have a child.

  2. Well it wont be easy but thing’s always turn out good at the end ..
    Just keep yourself positive and hopeful and you always got your friends and family for support 😉

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