Karma Police


I haven’t just given this post that title because it’s one of my favorite songs, I also chose it because it is something I find fascinating.But if you came here for the song then here is a link http://youtu.be/3WRpTFnI4Pk. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m not a really religious person but if there is one thing I believe in that is Karma. Most of you know the word a lot of you even know what it means but very few of you realize that the concept of Karma came from India. Many words like pariah,avatar have become a part of the English language so seamlessly that we barely notice them. Similarly concepts such as Karma and Yoga has become a part of people’s daily life, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised to find that more people do Yoga in foreign countries than in India.

Anyway I digress what I really wanted to talk about was my fascination with Karma. Out of all the different religions and beliefs I find that Karma is the easiest to accept, plus I think I would enjoy living another life after this. So many of the religions today can be twisted into a hate mongering machine and probably so can this, but as of now it is the only spiritual belief that does not bother me. Maybe because my dad beat Christianity into me. I find it kind of sad really because I know that it is coming from a good place. He is genuinely worried about my well-being.

The reason my dad is a crazy bible thumper now is because of how he was raised and things that happened to him in the past. When he was younger he was brought up to believe that those who were not Christian were going to hell and that everyone was a sinner, and like me he resisted for a cretin time. Later he joined a communist party and had a really turbulent college life when he was kicked out of his house. After a while when the drinking and the mobbing grew old he wanted to go back home and so he turned to the nearest support Religion. While I can understand that he wants me to avoid the hitting rock bottom part the difference between me and him is that I don’t have an addiction, I am not joining some rebel cause just for the heck of it, I am not running away from religion because I am being a stubborn child.. I am healthy, I am fighting for my rights as a human being and I don’t follow religion because I don’t believe in it and because I know that if I need support of someone there will always be the ones I love at my side.

I chose to believe in Karma because it is simple and because sometimes it makes me happy to think that life does not just end,but I also know that if this is all there  is to life, if this is the end then we need to make the most of it in the limited time we have.

Take Care


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