Me Myself and I


Yeah by the title you can see I’m pretty self obsessed but even If I wasn’t for the good of this blog there are some things you should know about me starting with I have multiple personality disorder………. OK not really but I sometimes think I do (I’m also a hypochondriac). Basically I’ve divided my personality into three parts so that I can have an objective view on things. They are also all called Alex. I know you guys are thinking what is the point of having people in your head if they all have the same name well I differentiate between them with a change in emphasis. So there is crazy angry,sarcastic,jaded Alex  that gets pissed off for no particular reason.People hate him.Then there is crazy sex obsessed, hormonal Alex  that no one ever sees because I keep him on  a tight leash believe me no one wants to know him and finally there is Alex he is nice,friendly and responsible, He is the most commonly seen guy the other two don’t come out much.All three are weird and crazy but together they make activist ALEX he is the one I like the most because he is the best of all three of them he is tough when there is a need, kind when people need help and well Alex  has a role too but you don’t need to know that 😉

Anyway what I mean to say from this really bizarre post is that everyone has a good side a bad side and a god knows what side.Even these three don’t cover the extent of my emotions so I would just like to say, get in touch with your inner freaky self because even they need a day out every now and then or they’ll go crazy and so will you. and no one wants a completely crazy Alex lets just say I turn into something much worse than a big green monster CHEERS!!!!!! (I’m working on making a British Alex)


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