A Helping Hand


Hey there people, it’s been far too long! I just wanted to announce that from now on all my posts will be double checked by my cousin, so my punctuation will be getting better (hahaha, little did he know what he was getting himself into). Today’s post will be about helping hands and how, if you need it, help is just a phone call or an e-mail away. If you need me, I am forever on this blog so I’m always available through here. But for other cases, here are some fantastic organizations you can find in areas close to you. This new post is also a shout out to Flooded Roses http://floodedroses.wordpress.com/ who is going through some serious problems right now; I just wanted to tell her that everything will be okay, and that there are more than enough people willing to help her if she wants to reach out.


Unfortunately, there are not as many places as India does not have as many resources invested in this like other countries. Nonetheless, there are a few good organizations that people can visit if they feel the need to reach out or even if they need a bit of information.

The Naz Foundation

They are an NGO that is working to prevent HIV AIDS. They can provide you with information in regards to AIDS and any other information you may have about sexuality. Their group heads all the major LGBT support groups in Delhi.


You can contact them using these links.

The Humrahi Group

The Humrahi Group meets every Saturday from 7.00 to 8.30 p.m. at D-45 Gulmohar Park, New Delhi. The meetings provide a congenial atmosphere to discuss problems relevant to us, like marriage pressures and social/cultural stigma, and also provide a support system for those who need it. It also helps in networking and meeting like-minded people. Total confidentiality and respect for privacy is guaranteed and expected. For gay men looking to meet other gay men, this is a great way to interact.

It is another program under the Naz Foundation. You can contact them on email address below:


They also have a hotline that works from 7-9 o’clock where men, confused about their sexuality, can call. The numbers are provided below:




Sangini is another program run by the Naz foundation for lesbian and bisexual women. The helpline works only on Tuesday 6-8 pm but there are also several meetings that women can attend to discuss their sexuality openly. The numbers for the hotline and the contact email is provided below.


2685 1970

2685 1971.


I know that these organizations are all in Delhi, but for more information you can visit this link:


United Kingdom

There are many more sites and hotlines available in the UK than India, so I will not list all of them. A simple search will reveal all you need to know; in the meantime, here are some sites which might be useful:

London Lesbian&Gay Switchboard  

In my opinion, this is the one of the biggest organizations available and it provides a hotline service every single day from 10am to 11pm. The hotline numbers and other contact information is written below.

0300 330 0630


Coventry and Warwickshire Friend

This is a support helpline. They say it’s for people who are gay, lesbian or transgender. They say it can be called any sort of problem, so even if you are just feeling lonely, give them a ring. The number is given below.

024 7671 4199



This site is a support group for LGBT people who are Muslim.(I hope this helps you out flooded roses, be sure to check it out)

United States Of America

More than any other country in the world, America has many organizations to support the LGBT community so I am just going to share two of the most important organizations which are kind of interrelated.

The Trevor Project 

It is a support service for LGBT youth. It has a hotline service and an online chat. The online chat, while useful, is only applicable for those residing in America. For Indians, their timings start at 2 o’clock early morning (and you have to enter a fake zip code) so I suggest this only for American residents. The number for the hotline and other contact info are provided below:

866 488 7386


The It Gets Better Project

This is probably the biggest LGBT support group in the world, and they have a variety of things to offer. They have many support videos and stories about LGBT people and those who support them. They also have several other ways to reach out to you if you need any help. This organization, along with the Trevor project, is working to prevent teenage suicide.


That’s all for now, folks. I know this isn’t a very comprehensive list; I will make a new post with a bigger list of outreach centers later. Until then, be safe guys, and take care of yourself.


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