Where We Stand


I’m going to try to keep this one short because I tend to ramble a lot but there was something that happened today that I just had to share, Today instead of studying I was watching the news and I saw something pretty f-ing  shocking,

For those of you who don’t keep up with Indian news, there have been a few gruesome crimes happening India recently one of the worst of which was a was a gang rape that happened in one of the local buses. I won’t do into the details because they are really troubling (and I really mean troubling I literally flinched when I heard it)and though this was shocking news what happened next absolutely pissed me off and frightened me at the same time.

A religious leader(and in India we have more than our fair share of them) made a comment that basically stated that if she had been more religious(she was traveling with her boyfriend which is apparently impure) she would have known not to have gotten on the bus and that since the men were drunk  and were incited by the girls apparent lack of virtue they can’t be held completely responsible.

When I  saw this I pretty much just stared at the TV screen for a minute just dumbfounded, then I felt so enraged I could have thrown the remote through the TV( believe me if I wasn’t trying to keep this blog PG-13 there would be a lot more to say about him) and then I felt afraid. For the first time it hit me how in some parts maybe even in the majority of India we are still living in the dark ages. There was a huge media retaliation and a demand for an apology,but Whatever happens this incident has made me see what I had not seen. I had mistakenly thought that the upper middle class which is most often shown on TV were the majority of people. I willfully deceived myself into thinking that since there was some change in this publicized strata of society that things were getting better but the truth is that we haven’t even reached the level of societal progress that America had shown even thirty years back.It’s ironic that this blog is called looking and perceiving but I never saw this coming.

When an issue like women’s  rights which is probably the most cut and dry issue to exist in the world is still being questioned by an influential few then what hope does this country have of progressing to issues like gay rights. and I’m sorry if you feel like I’m making this all about myself rather that poor girl whose corpse is being dragged through the mud but I just wanted to make you understand like I have now how much more that has to be done to make this country progress.

I fear that I will not live to see the day when we can even consider the possibility of marriage equality in current state India is in.

If you want to know more about this case or about the freak show’s comment I’ll post a link below but I’m warning you It’s depressing




when I hear people supporting the religious leader I marvel at what people can get away with as long as they say their comment was taken out of context.


7 responses to “Where We Stand

  1. I mean, wherever you are…even if some people are living in more poverty than other places, there always shall be people who disagree. Like in England at the moment, they have stated that people cannot sue priests or what not if they do not let them hold their marriage, in these cases, for gay people.

    • Although I agree with you that priests should be conducting gay marriages,I don’t think they should be forced to change their beliefs. The church has to understand that some obscure line in the bible is not a reason to condemn so many people. Forcing them now would just make them more adamant in their hate

    • This is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much that people are blind to and sadly there is so much that goes unreported. Almost fifty percent of the women raped and molested in India will not come forward because they know they will be treated as the criminal themselves

  2. Every country has its flaw but whats disappointing is when nothing happens about that flaw and its just left like that to become a major issue.
    According to the link to the guardian web site,
    “Official data shows one rape is reported on average every 20 minutes in India.:
    What does that set as an image on other countries and people from other countries..hell what image does it set on the children of our country itself?
    Is it so unsafe in India now that you can’t even safely trust your school bus driver to drop your child at home or school without something wrong happening to them?
    Have Indian men become so uncontrollable of their sick urges that they’re willing to do anything to satisfy them?
    And above all are people that blindly following what their politicians say that they are actually avoiding the facts that the politicians are not doing anything nor will they do anything cause the truth is not they’re too busy but they just don’t care….?

    • The state India is in is truly disheartening. Until the people of India see through the propaganda that the corrupt politicians and the so called religious leaders are spreading there will never be a change.I hope the day is not far away when we begin to see clearly what has become of our country and start to change it

      • Exactly India has a big list of achievements but at the same time its still got a bigger list of problems that need to be fixed and issues that need to be resolved.

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