Celebration Time Come On!!!



for those who don’t know what I am so happy about I would just like to say that today is the day I got my 200th view YEAH!!!!!!!

I know a lot of you are thinking “whats the big deal, 200 is not such a big number” to those people I would just like to say it’s big enough for me. When I started this blog I thought no one but my friend would ever read it and that was enough for me, but now there are people (almost 5) from all over the world that are reading what I have to say and I am ecstatic.

I just want to thank all the people who helped me to make this blog. My good friend Mr Purple who has just started a new blog be sure to check it out here http://sleepingonclouds.wordpress.com he made me make this blog in the first place and has inspired a few of the posts himself , my cousin Sanju who has graciously offered to help with my abysmal punctuation and let’s not forget my followers they may only be a few but I am thankful for them.

Thanks a lot everyone and don’t forget to see the new post(s) I make tonight (my head is full of things I need to store somewhere.



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