PDA Proud Determined but Afraid (I’ve got issues #3)

two men holding hands

Hey you’ve got to hide your love away- Beatles


Konichiwa everybody!!! no I have not turned Japanese since the last time I wrote(although I wouldn’t mind) I just like the word a lot. So Its been less than two weeks since I’ve started this blog and it occurs to me that this is the third  I’ve got issues post I’ve made.So if my calculations are correct I’m doing these posts…………….more than I should be doing, since I had previously stated that the I’ve got issues segment was supposed to be a weekly thing,but as you may have noticed by now I rarely listen to myself and half the time I don’t know what  I’m saying (this doesn’t mean you aren’t supposed to read what I say).I also said that I was studying for my exams and while I should be doing that I found that not doing the blog was as distracting as doing the blog.I kept finding myself jotting down ideas for posts and then wanting to write them down( “It’s just one post what harm could it do”).So I’ve decided to keep on doing them just less frequently (we all know how long that will last)

So this I’ve got issues post is about PDA .If you know what PDA is raise your hand(I always wanted to be a teacher) and if you don’t it means Public Displays of Affection.  A lot of you know about it and many of you do it but the fact is that there is still a huge stigma attached to it and here I am not just talking about Gay couples straight couples are faced with this too. The few followers I have are in countries that treat PDA as it should be treated, as a natural  byproduct of a loving relationship but in countries like India there is still a huge  majority of people that would prefer that everyone waited till they got married to have any sort of feelings in regards to love or sex. Just a year back a group of guys sent by an extremist political party attacked couples exiting a movie theater playing moral police and while this is appalling it pales in comparison what would be done if it were a gay couple.  Being beaten up is the least of our worries.

I am proud to be an Indian and with all my heart I want to do something for my country but at times like these when I see how backward India can be in some respects and how far we have to go before we become a more accepting society,I just want to run away. Go to someplace that I will be accepted for who I am and where I could hold hands with my boyfriend and no one would look at us twice (San Diego maybe?) but I know that no matter how many places I have gone and am going to go I could never leave India forever.It maybe one year two years however long I leave I know I will always come back with all its strangeness and eccentricities there is just too much to be done.

If you liked this post be sure to comment and if you think I’m too broody for a teenager then tell me that to (whenever I get a comment I jump up and down for joy).


One response to “PDA Proud Determined but Afraid (I’ve got issues #3)

  1. Lol I’m not going to say you’re broody(sorry for that 😛 )
    But I’m gonna say this is actually a pretty true thing about India…

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