She’s so high

This one is just going to be a short observation of sorts. Recently American Idol season 3 winner fantasia made a comment and lets just say what ever she was smoking I want some of that.

In the comment you could see that she was stressed out and she did probably the stupidest thing most celebrities do,she went on twitter and tweeted.While I am not likely to be offended by an artist i know nothing about and care even less about, the fact that she went on any public medium and said something as stupid as that is my real source of concern.

Later on her PR manager went on to say that her comment was taken out of context and that she cares a lot about her LGBT fan base.If you have read the comment you will see that there is not much context to it, moody girl had shitty day and took it out on things she doesn’t understand.But to cut her some to cut her some slack(and i constantly have to remind myself to be less judgy) I can understand the need to lash out when things are going wrong.I myself take out my frustrations on my friends,so I get where the comment was coming from and I doubt it was really hatred. That being said if you have problems,chill,read a relaxing book,watch a mind numbing/interesting TV show,call your mom/dad.Don’t use social media to vent your feelings because people watch what you say and care.

When you are a celebrity you have a responsibility to consider what you are sending out there. I hope this media drama (to which i am contributing to) would have taught her to double-check  before she says something,and she should check her grammar it’s simply horrifying!!


On another note She’s so high is also a song i love by Tal Bachman check it out here (its not available in Oman which sucks)


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