Is it 2013 already!!

It’s the new year and i didn’t even see it coming,well i did but i didn’t feel like writing about it yesterday so i will today the second day of the year

This new year my resolution was to make no resolutions because i never follow through with them anyway(so I’m expecting to make a new resolution soon). This new year was unlike the last year because instead of hanging out with friends and family like any normal person would have,I sat at home and studied.

Yes my exams are coming up but you’d think that i was entitled to a day off, but no not according to my mother , and so the excessive thinking (it always gives me a headache when i use my brain) and slight depression put me off the post i had in mind, but I’ve put all that behind me, as one should do in the new year and decided to make the promised post after all.So I will be making a list of things that i am looking forward to this new year.

Album I need to get my hands on

Paramore is scheduled to make a new album this year  called Paramore and i am drooling at the thought of it.After years of waiting with nothing to hold on to except the very short and very sweet Singles Club (check it out here ttp:// there is finally hope that the new album will be released on April 9 of 2013 (jumps up in down).1128669-cmt-paramore-617-409

Find out more about them here

Persons I admire most for the year to come

This one was a tie i thought about it a lot and decided that these two people need special acknowledgement for talking about issues that are important to us all especially in the LGBT community while making us fall on the floor laughing at the same
time. They are Davey Wavey and Ariel Hamming.Both are vloggers and bloggers and both are brave,outspoken,great looking and most of all funny.Check out their channels you, will not regret it,except maybe all the time you will end up spending because they are addictive.

The first link is a link to Davey Wavey’s blog and the other is to his main YouTube channel.

This is a link to her main YouTube channel.

Book I need to have

Straight people,prudish people and those who dislike romances it’s the end of the line here because here i would like to confess to the fact that i very much love romances(especially gay ones).The following author makes predictable but reliable romances and i have been waiting for this one for the past few years so if you are in the mood for a lighthearted  romance to escape into, keep a look out for without fear by J.L Langley.This is a link to without fear’s goodreads page look it up.

Without Fear (With or Without, #5)

And that’s all we have time for today make sure to  come back because i have a lot to say and someone needs to listen or i will EXPLODE!!,and no one wants that.Bye


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