As the year ends

Some people might think its strange that I started this blog two days before the start of the new year. You might wonder why I didn’t wait till the new year so that there was some uniformity,the reason is simple, in life you are given many opportunities but often you don’t see them. When I was first told to make a blog I was skeptical because everyone and their grandmother had already made a blog, but the more I started thinking about it, the more I realized that it didn’t matter that I was late on the trend it only mattered that I was doing something I have always wanted to do. So for once I took the opportunity provided and ran with it.

Moving on from that strange and unrelated preface I would like to address the real idea behind this post.After yesterdays slightly depressing and serious post I thought maybe today I would lighten things up with a list of a few of the  good things from 2012 (only my opinion you have the right to not agree).

Best Album of the year


Adele 21

This is probably the best album I have heard  a while.Adele beautifully portrays  all the emotions that come along with love i.e fear,anger,regret,resignation,happiness and of course heartbreak.If you haven’t heard this one yet (and I seriously doubt that) then you must get one as soon as you can.There is no way you’ll regret it

Most inspirational songs

Same Love -Macklemore&Ryan Lewis(feat Mary Lambert)


When I heard this song for the first time I almost cried.Its one thing for gay people to fight for their rights and quite another when a straight man does it.Macklemore’s song is beautiful, inspiring and heartfelt  any one gay or straight needs to hear this song for a lesson in acceptance

Best Feelgood Album

Red- Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Really has a way of touching my heart. Without any fuss or complicated lyrics she manages to get a story across so well that you will walk away feeling like you have lived through it.

Best Person To admire

Ellen Degenerous
This woman is brave,kind,caring and
most of all hilarious if i want to emulate one person its her

I’ll try to make a things I’m looking forward to in the new year list tomorrow so till then bye!!!!


2 responses to “As the year ends

  1. I watched the Same Love video just because you said that it was inspirational and the photo looked interesting. And I’m not going to tell you I watched it more than once and cried because it was really just WOW. ( I cry at just about everything that pulls heart strings because I’m super emotional when it comes to things that have to do with other people) I like the video and the song. I really like Ellen too. She really is hilarious.

    • Thanks for reading. Same love is probably my favorite songs now gives me some hope for hip hop. Its great to hear that you were so touched by the song because it really touched me as well 🙂

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